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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume 4 Details

The cover and the synopsis for Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Volume 4 have been released.

Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Volumes serve as a compliment to their ongoing issues, compiling four issues into one action-packed book. Volume 4 will contain Issues 13-16, each written by Kyle Higgins.

Volume 4 will release in August 2017. Fans can find the official synopsis below with the cover following.

With Tommy and Billy trapped in a dystopian future, they’ll have to join the resistance to fight against evil Lord Drakkon if they want to make it home. But as Jason, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack battle with Rita Repulsa for control of the Command Center, will there even be a home to return to? It’s the ultimate test of strength and will with an epic conclusion that will send ripples throughout the entire Mighty Morphin universe.

Writers: Kyle Higgins, Ryan Ferrier
Artists: Hendry Prasetya, Daniel Bayliss, Bachan
Cover Artist: Goñi Montes

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