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Power Rangers Movie Morphin Grid Revealed?


As many dedicated Power Rangers fans have come to know over the years, the Morphin Grid is a physical energy field that exists to power up each Power Ranger, ever. The Power Rangers’ Morphers connect to the Morphin Grid and pass its power onto each Ranger. If the Morphin Grid is ever damaged, as it was in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, it could prevent the Power Rangers from tapping into their morphing abilities.

With the Power Rangers Movie getting ready to hit theaters on March 24, 2017, it appears the concept of the Morphin Grid will be making its way over.

Many fans have wondered, and speculated, what exactly is the blue-ish light that each Ranger sports on their chest in the Power Rangers Movie. The Power Rangers Movie Megazord is seen sporting the same blue-ish light on its chest below.


Per a listing for the Interactive Megazord toy on Toys R Us Canada, the item will feature a ‘light up Morphin Grid’, perhaps revealing exactly what the light on the Rangers’ and Megazord’s chest is.

The blue-ish light may very well represent the Rangers’ connection to, or embodiment of, the Morphin Grid. And if that light were to ever flicker or be put out, the Rangers’ may lose their connection to the Grid, and thus, their connection to their morphing powers.

What exactly do you think the blue light represents? What do you think ‘light up Morphin Grid’ means? Let us know in the comments below, and stay with Power Rangers NOW for all your Power Rangers Movie updates!

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