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Final Ninja Steel Spring Line Toys


Today, fans can check out a few new additions to the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line. These items, alongside all the past reveals recapped below, round out the end of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel spring line (…with the exception of one last card up Bandai’s sleeve still to come!).

Action Figures
Deluxe Megazords
Morpher & Battle Gear
Armored Figures
12″ Figures
Hero Sets

Training Gear Sets

The Training Gear Sets give kids the ability to fight just like their favorite Ninja Steel Ranger. Made from soft, safely crafted weaponry, fans will be able to refine their ninja moves to take down the evil Galvanax.

Bandai’s spring line of toys will include three different Training Gear sets (in scrolling order):

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•Sickle & Dagger Set
•Dragonclaw & Nightstick Set
•Morningstar & Drill Spike Set

Deluxe Ninja Star Blade

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One of the primary weapons of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the Deluxe Ninja Star Blade allows the Rangers to harness their ninja powers and strike. Fans will be able to attach their Ninja Power Stars and activate a multitude of sounds for increased roleplay ability.

The Deluxe Ninja Star Blade also includes a couple other abilities: the ability to launch Ninja Power Stars at enemies from the left side of the sword, and the ability to extend the saber’s range, for short and long distance battling.

The item is expected to retail at an estimated price of $29.99.

Ninja Power Star Packs

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Bandai will be following up years of successful season gimmicks with the Ninja Power Star Packs. Over 15 different packs will be sold as part of Bandai’s spring toy line, with each pack containing three Ninja Power Stars. The Power Stars will come in a wide array of collectibles, representing various Rangers and characters from Power Rangers Ninja Steel, or previous Power Rangers seasons.

The Ninja Power Stars are the driving force of the Ninja Steel toy line, powering each of the Rangers’ weapons and attacks. Certain Power Stars will be sold exclusively with other portions of the Ninja Steel toy line, with over 100 Power Stars releasing throughout the year.

Each Ninja Power Star Pack will retail at an estimated price of $7.99. Above, fans can check out a handful of the 15+ packs that will be on sale this spring.

For even more photos of the toys revealed here, check out our Facebook page.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres on Nickelodeon in early 2017. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all your Power Rangers Ninja Steel news.

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