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Power Rangers Movie Excluding Remaining Weapons

While the Red Ranger’s Power Sword will make its way to the Power Rangers Movie, evidently, any remaining weapons from the original TV show will not.

Per reports out of Brazil Comic-Con, the Power Rangers Movie cast confirmed in a live chat on-site that only the Red Ranger’s Power Sword will make its way into the feature film. This would confirm the exclusion of the remaining Power Weapons, as well as the Blade Blasters.

In the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV show, each Ranger carried two weapons: a Blade Blaster which could convert from a blaster to a sword, and a specialized weapon that when combined with the other four, formed the mighty Power Blaster (seen below):


Power Sword (weilded by the Red Ranger)
Power Axe (weilded by the Black Ranger)
Power Lance (weilded by the Blue Ranger)
Power Daggers (weilded by the Yellow Ranger)
Power Bow (weilded by the Pink Ranger)

In October, the film’s re-imagined Power Sword was revealed by Saban Brands (seen below). But skepticism for fans set in when images of the remaining weapons never followed. On Friday, the first images of the Power Rangers Movie action figures were revealed, and once again, all weapons minus the Power Sword were nowhere to be seen.


While dedicated Power Rangers fans will find this as yet another deviation from the source material, perhaps Lionsgate is simply looking to take weaponry in a new direction. On the TV show, Rangers were often granted specialized weapons like clockwork, and sometimes, without purpose. In this film, the weapons could stand for something more significant, something more powerful, or perhaps something more difficult to earn.

The Power Rangers Movie hits theaters on March 24, 2017. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates on the upcoming feature film.

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  1. This stupid movie’s decision to remove weapons reminds me of when the old TMNT movies got rid of the Turtles’ weapons.

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