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Best Power Rangers Moments of 2016!


2016 – the year that many considered to be a prolonged pain that wouldn’t go away – has reached its very end! And while the Internet will continue to sing about the doom and gloom that was known as 2016, reflecting back on the year always brings back to mind that there were some wonderful moments too!

Things you didn’t even remember happened this year…happened this year! And in the world of Power Rangers alone, awesome things that some may brush aside as now everyday occurrences all came to light in 2016! And we cannot take those moments for granted. Power Rangers was incredible in 2016, and it’s time we look back at the TOP 6 Power Rangers moments of 2016!


#6. June 21 – Bryan Cranston Revealed as Zordon


OK, there was so much awesome in 2016 about the Power Rangers movie. When the year began, filming had not even started yet and look where we are now! (Albeit not as far as we should be in some people’s opinion — seriously, where is that trailer?).

The moment Bryan Cranston was announced as Zordon, jaws dropped. This was exactly what the Power Rangers movie needed –  that A-list celebrity that could accompany a young cast and push this franchise over the top. Elizabeth Banks was a big part of that puzzle, but Bryan Cranston? Nobody saw that coming!

Lionsgate had done it – they raked in the perfect actor who could help put this franchise back on the map. And no, while we still do not have our first look at Cranston’s version of Zordon, the fact that he will be part of this film’s marketing push in 2017 is going to pay dividends.

If I told you a year ago that Bryan Cranston would be a big part of the Power Rangers franchise, would you have believed me? Probably not!


 #5. February 13 – Legacy Figures Revealed


You know those awesome Power Rangers figures you’ve been collecting? The one’s you can’t wait to see what season Bandai does next?

Yeah, those figures were revealed (and released) in 2016! And when it comes to Power Rangers toys, the Legacy Figures have become so in. Sales are reported as positive, and fan reaction is most certainly positive. And that all came to light at Toy Fair 2016 when Bandai put the word on the street “We are doing new figures…for every Ranger ever!”.

And while it remains to be seen if that vow comes true, the Legacy Figures are off to an incredibly promising start with Ninja Storm, In Space, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers figures. And with Zeo and Dino Thunder to follow in 2017, things are only looking up.

Seriously, can you remember a time the Power Rangers Internet fandom has been more giddy and excited for toys than when the Legacy Figures were first announced? 2016, baby.


 #4. December 2 – Kyuranger Revealed


Alright, the reveal of Japan’s new Sentai season is always a big deal. Not only will it take over Japan in the year to come, but it provides a glimpse at a potential Power Rangers season down the line. And never has the Internet exploded in so much positivity as they did when 2017’s Sentai season, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, was revealed!

Nine Rangers, all based on constellations. A female Green Ranger. A big bulky Black Ranger. Super cool new Zords and orb gimmicks. Seriously, what was there to not love about Kyuranger?

And while the verdict is still out on if the show will be actually good, or if it will make its way overseas to become the 2019 season of Power Rangers, there is still no denying that there hasn’t been this much excitement over a Sentai season in quite some time.

If Toei can follow through on all the exciting reveals so far, they could have a legitimate hit on their hands.


#3. March 2 – Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers Launches


Everyone’s used to the Power Rangers TV universe, and they’re all becoming familiar with the Power Rangers cinematic universe. But the one thing no one saw coming in 2016? A brand new Power Rangers comic universe!

Power Rangers has long dabbled in the comic space, but never as seriously as they have with Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comics. And the series has not only become a sellout hit for Boom! Studios, but a genuine hit among fans for its engaging stories and bold artwork.

2016 saw the announcement, launch, and takeoff of a series that is currently 10 issues deep with a whole lot more to come. Not only did it take the beloved Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers down a much darker path, but it introduced brand-new original Rangers. And who knows where the series will go next?

Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers comics just work, and they are here to stay. And for the birth of this awesome new Power Rangers comic universe, we salute you, 2016.


#2. October 8 – Power Rangers Movie Teaser-Trailer


Wait, the Power Rangers movie teaser-trailer drop is not #1!?

It’s the moment you’ll always remember. Nobody will forget where they were the first time they watched the Power Rangers movie teaser-trailer. It was our first look at the film’s footage, characters, and overall vibe. And wow did it deliver!

For those at New York Comic-Con, they were treated to a live panel with the cast. It was an insanely epic day at one of the world’s biggest conventions with all eyes on Power Rangers. The only downside to the teaser-trailer? How badly we were all left wanting more (and still waiting for that more!).

But as fans keep their fingers crossed that the Power Rangers movie will catapult the franchise to new heights in 2017, it will be the moment that the teaser-trailer dropped that fans remember for starting it all.


#1. August 13 – The New Blue Ranger


This was not just the best Power Rangers moment of 2016, it was one of the best Power Rangers moments ever.

The scene was Power Morphicon just outside Los Angeles. The Power Rangers Dino Super Charge panel had just wrapped and it was time to introduce the new cast of the upcoming season, Ninja Steel. And then it happened.

Current Blue Ranger Yoshi Sudarso was taken aback as it was revealed to him that his brother, Peter Sudarso, would be the new Blue Ranger. Whether you were in the room or watching online, the raw emotion was so heavy that you could not help but shed a tear – even if you have never met or talked to the Sudarso brothers!

The words to describe the moment were nothing short of beautiful, breathtaking, or shocking. It’s a moment that will forever live in Sudarso history, Power Morphicon history, Power Rangers history, and is without a doubt the best Power Rangers moment of 2016.


So, did we get it right? What else about 2016 made your year awesome? Let us know! And check out some of the honorable mentions that almost made the list!

 Honorable Mentions

•Ranger Keys – Remember how badly everyone wanted new Ranger Keys from Bandai? We got those in 2016!

•Power Rangers Movie Filming – Following the paparazzi’s quest around Vancouver for all the latest Power Rangers filming details provided an exciting four months!

•Ninja Steel Casting – It cannot top Power Morphicon, but watching aspiring actors in their quest to become a Power Ranger is always a thrilling process.

•Dino Super Charge’s Finale – Many will say it was not a highlight, but it is the episode everyone had an opinion on, for better or worse.

3 thoughts on “Best Power Rangers Moments of 2016!

  1. That wasn’t even the whole story of the Sudarso brothers.

    Yoshi was called first by Chip Lynn and told that Peter did NOT get Ninja Steel and that he didn’t know how to break it to him. Yoshi said “Don’t put that on me!”

    Then Peter got the called “You didn’t get Ninja Steel. Call me later and I can explain why”…. he calls later “Is Yoshi around? No? Ok you DID get it. We just want to surprise him later”

    And it was actually Yoshi’s idea to have the rangers announce their successors at Morphicon because he was sure Peter would get it. But now he was crushed that he’d have to announce someone else. Talk about a backfire.

    When he eventually opened that envelope (and you can see how long they wait to give it to him in the video). He claims he thought he was hallucinating Peter’s name.

    There were several other factors that made it even more painful for Yoshi (thinking he knew a lesser actor who DID get it being one). All to make it the amazing story it was.

    Yoshi has quickly become one of the top Ranger actors. Up there in terms of fan respect with JDF. He is one of us.

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