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Most Exciting Power Rangers Things In 2017!


Since Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ended in 1996, Power Rangers has never been as big as it’s about to be now. In 2017, that is.

The days of just watching the Power Rangers on TV and buying toys for those characters are over. There’s a legitimate rebooted movie now. There’s a series of awesome comics. There’s a toy line of premium collectible merchandise based on past Power Rangers seasons. There’s merchandise in every direction you can dream of.

The bottom line is, there has never been a better time to be a Power Rangers fan than right now. And 2017 is only going to amplify that movement. There’s so much awesome Power Rangers stuff coming in 2017 that packing it into one list is incredibly difficult. But we’ll do it anyway – the TOP 7 Power Rangers things to look forward to in 2017!


#7. Fate of the Burger Morpher


When Saban decided to bring Shuriken Sentai Ninninger overseas as Power Rangers Ninja Steel, it meant a lot of the season’s lighthearted motifs would potentially come with it: a cowboy Gold Ranger, a guitar-styled weapon, and most controversially, a Burger Morpher.

That’s right. In Japan’s Sentai season, the Gold Ranger uses a Morpher shaped like a burger to harness his Power Ranger abilities. Some fans find it to be the best thing since sliced bread, while others detest the corniness to its core.

And for months fans have debated: will the Burger Morpher make its way to Power Rangers Ninja Steel? The answer to that question will finally be revealed in 2017. But with half of the dedicated Power Rangers fandom strongly in favor of the Burger Morpher, and the other half so strongly against it, at least one side is guaranteed to come out disappointed.

At Toy Fair in February, the answer to this long-standing question could potentially break when Bandai reveals the first look at their slate of Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys for Fall 2017. To Burger Morpher or not to Burger Morpher 2017? That is the question!


#6. Legacy Zeo


When Bandai first launched their Legacy line of premium  Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers products, fans were enamored. But that love for collectible Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers merchandise has slowly faded into a deep demand for premium merchandise based on its successor, Power Rangers Zeo.

And in 2017, fans will finally get their fix when Zeo joins Bandai’s line of Legacy Figures in fall 2017! All six Zeo Rangers are slated for release, with the Green, Yellow, and Gold Rangers hitting store shelves first.

But of course, even with Zeo Legacy Figures on the way, no one expects that the fans’ craving for more Legacy Zeo merchandise will suddenly dissipate. But at the very least, this should give fans a small taste of something they have coveted for so long.

So rejoice, for finally in 2017…it’s coming!


#5. Kyuranger


New Sentai seasons are always a big deal because they aren’t just a first look at Japan’s newest spandex incarnation, but also a first look at a potential Power Rangers season down the road. And Japan’s next Sentai season, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, is looking like an absolute hit.

Since its first reveal in December 2016, fans have been going crazy for all the Kyuranger they can get. The suits look incredible, the Zords look amazing, and the weapons look magnificent. There is just not enough complimentary words in the dictionary to describe how in love fans have fallen with Kyuranger.

In February 2017, the show will hit Japanese air waves, and fans can look forward to an entire year of Kyuranger goodness. Will the show’s story be enough to match its pre-season hype? Will there be more than nine Rangers revealed down the pipeline? What other surprises does Toei have in store?

2017 is going to be a big year for Power Rangers, but it promises to be a big year for Sentai as well.


#4. Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary


OK, the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers isn’t actually until 2018.

But it is a big milestone for our favorite teenagers with attitude, and fans can look forward to hearing about what exactly Saban Brands and Bandai have cooking for Power Rangers’ incredible silver anniversary.

Will the TV show, the second season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, honor the 24 previous seasons in any way? What special toys will Bandai unveil to celebrate 25 years of morphphenomenal madness? Will Saban Brands roll out the red carpet for any events, happenings, or reveals?

I know, one of the big things to get excited about in 2017…is plans for 2018!


#3. Justice League/Power Rangers Comics


This still feels like a whacky fan rumor, doesn’t it? But Justice League and the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers teaming up is actually real!

Boom! Studios will be launching a six-issue comic series in 2017 that pits Earth’s mightiest defenders both with, and against, our favorite teenagers with attitude. Written by Tom Taylor, and illustrated by Stephen Byrne, the miniseries promises to fulfill the matchup fantasies fans have been dreaming of since their childhood.

The first issue releases in January 2017, with Lord Zedd opening the series as the lead villain. Once he breaches the Command Center to damage the Power Rangers’ teleporting ability, Zack suddenly finds himself in a world filled with the Justice League.

When it comes to crossover comics, you would be hard pressed to find one as awesome as this! Justice League/Power Rangers promises to be a highlight of 2017.


#2. Power Rangers Ninja Steel


If this was any year except 2017, the newest Power Rangers season would easily be #1 on our list. But not this year!

When it comes to being a Power Rangers fan, very few days top the excitement of Premiere Day. It’s the Saturday morning when you wake up, and treat yourself to the beginning of a brand new season of Power Rangers.

New characters, new villains, new storylines, new hope for fans. It all begins to set in motion on January 21 when Power Rangers Ninja Steel begins its two-year long ride on Nickelodeon.

The season already promises to be heavily original: a storyline that combines ninja powers, with teenagers in school, with an intergalactic game show. That right there is an equation for something incredibly ambitious that’s never been done before. And with executive producer Chip Lynn at the helm, can our beloved TV show get back on track after Power Rangers Dino Super Charge’s rocky ending?


#1. Power Rangers Movie


I mean…did you really expect anything else to be #1?

When you think about Power Rangers in 2017, it all starts and ends with the Power Rangers movie. Seriously, this is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe you’ve been waiting since Lionsgate first announced the project in 2014. Or maybe you’ve been waiting since Hollywood’s passion for rebooting franchises became cool in the mid-2000’s.

No matter when, this is the film that every child and adult who grew up with Power Rangers has been waiting for. There’s so much that’s still unknown about Lionsgate’s exciting reboot, but all will unfold in front of our eyes in 2017. Can this be the defining moment that finally puts the Power Rangers franchise over the top and into the eyes of millions of casual fans?

It’s the re-imagining of a franchise 24 years deep. It’s the re-imagining of a story that’s moved generations of children and adults alike. It’s the re-imagining that will define being a Power Rangers fan in 2017.

Is it March 24 yet!?


So, did we get it right? What else are you excited for in 2017? Let us know! And check out some of the honorable mentions that almost made the list!

 Honorable Mentions

•Power Rangers Video Game – Namco Bandai’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers video game will finally release in 2017, giving fans the chance to fight as their favorite spandex heroes!

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