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A Running List of Super Ninja Steel Returning Actors


As the Power Rangers get ready to celebrate their landmark 25th anniversary in 2018, the milestone will bring with it a host of returning actors to the show’s 25th season.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, set to premiere on Nickelodeon in 2018, will feature past Power Rangers returning in both cameo, and guest starring roles. But which former actors who’ve donned the iconic spandex will suit up once again for the show’s silver anniversary?

While no actor is likely to outright confirm their appearance on the show due to contractual obligations, names have still managed to trickle out either by social media posts, or leak (via That Hashtag Show).

Below, a running list of actors potentially making a comeback on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Spotted in New Zealand
*Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel films in New Zealand

Jason David FrankTommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger
Steve CardenasRocky DeSantos, Zeo Blue Ranger
Catherine SutherlandKatherine Hillard, Zeo Pink Ranger
Selwyn Ward – TJ Johnson, In Space Blue Ranger
Jason FauntWes Collins, Time Force Red Ranger
Jeffrey ParazzoTrent Fernandez, Dino Thunder White Ranger
Nic SampsonChip Thorn, Mystic Force Yellow Ranger
Steven Skyler – Antonio Garcia, Samurai Gold Ranger
Ciara HannaGia Moran, Megaforce Yellow Ranger
Yoshi SudarsoKoda, Dino Charge Blue Ranger
James Davies – Chase Randall, Dino Charge Black Ranger

Rumored to Appear
*Reported by That Hashtag Show

Johnny Yong BoschAdam Park, Zeo Green Ranger
Nakia BurriseTanya Sloan, Zeo Yellow Ranger
Pua MagasivaShane Clarke, Ninja Storm Red Ranger
Sally MartinTori Hanson, Ninja Storm Blue Ranger
Li Ming Hu – Gemma, RPM Silver Ranger

Declined Invite
*Due to other conflicts (Cahill, Cawthorne reported by TokuNation)

Erin CahillJen Scotts, Time Force Pink Ranger
Milo Cawthorne – Ziggy Grover, RPM Green Ranger
Davi Santos – Ivan, Dino Charge Gold Ranger

118 thoughts on “A Running List of Super Ninja Steel Returning Actors

  1. Another legendary battle on power rangers ninja steel and super ninja steel I can wait the returning episodes of power rangers ninja steel this summer I hope the good news power rangers 2 actress to play green ranger should be revealed

  2. I’m happy that Milo was at least invited. I hope we get another RPM Ranger in Super Ninja Steel in his place.
    Super stoked for likely cameos from Jeff Parazzo and Nic Sampson.
    And I don’t see why Yoshi WOULDN’T come and tear the house down with his little bro. 😉

  3. Rocky should not return. Power Rangers is so much better without that guy. He was the worst Ranger ever.

    1. and I hope he would train the Ninja Steel team, but why we haven’t seen the master ninja Ninjor for a long time now?

  4. I’d love to see Valerie Vernon come back. It’s a shame she didn’t appear in the Legendary Battle. I knew she didn’t do it because of scheduling conflicts but hey if only she can get enough time to plan out for it, maybe she can do it. I’d love to see Kendrix again.

      1. She was revived in the season finale. Plus Karone was also a fan favorite due to her character arc.

  5. Other than Mystic Force Yellow, NInja storm red ranger to come back as in the japanese footages, they help the japanese counterpart of Ninja Steel. But the others, i don’t really mind, but are surprice that they are back

    1. honestly the battle is going to be a big battle the legendary bale contains the whole japenise rangers and english.

      the timings of the legendary battle is going to at the 28 th of april 5. 41 pm

  6. I love ninja steel and all its rangers . But I don’t know the Timings of the show. Can someone tell me the Timings.

  7. •Jason David Frank – Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger •Steve Cardenas – Rocky DeSantos, Zeo Blue Ranger
    •Catherine Sutherland – Katherine Hillard, Zeo Pink Ranger •Johnny Yong Bosch – Adam Park, Zeo Green Ranger
    •Nakia Burrise – Tanya Sloan, Zeo Yellow Ranger

  8. I would love to see a return of PRDC, but I would really like the return of the Ninja Storm rangers. Haven’t got enough from either of them.

  9. I can really see a full-on Zeo reunion happening in some capacity. Even if they can’t get Austin St John to come back as Jason, they can still seemingly have Trent on hand to fill the “sixth ranger” spot, since Trent and Tommy were on the same ranger team in Dino Thunder.

    Koda’s inclusion also seems most logical, since Yoshi did a cameo in Ninninger. But if this all comes to fruition, it will make some good and exciting stuff for sure!

  10. surprised that ciara hanna is going to be in the mix and not have andrew gray or jake or emma or noah

  11. I want Lauren from Super Samurai and Orion from Super Megaforce to be in it, or Shane, Tori and Dustin from Ninja Storm

  12. Don’t any of you dare say: “Bring Back Cameron Jebo”, because to me, I don’t like Cameron Jebo, I never did and never will. Why can’t you all stop thinking about him?

    1. That’s your problem. I liked Cameron Jebo as Orion and would like to see him come back. He wasn’t on that many episodes. He only came up in Power Rangers Super Megaforce and not in the season before. #BringBackCameronJebo

      1. This is not about the wannabe Mr. Perfect Jebo, and I don’t wanna hear anymore about that wannabe Mr. Perfect Jebo.
        P.S. I’m not a fan of Mr. Jebo, and there’s no way I would sign any of his autograph.

      2. But Mr. Jebo is not coming back for Super ninja steel, because his name is not on the returning Rangers list this year.

  13. Plus, Cameron Jebo was cheating on his real-life wife: Nicole Wright-Jebo. So I say: “Shame on you, Cameron Jerko! 😡”

      1. First of all – That’s not my problem, it was Mr. Tzachor’s deliberate problem and a bigger problems with the Pirate-Theme. Second of all – when Mr. Jebo married his real-life wife Nicole Wright-Jebo back in summer 2012, he was supposed to be spending more time with his real-life wife Nicole by turning down the role of the second half 6th Ranger. And third of all – The sentai Pirate-Theme didn’t made sense.

  14. First off I CAN’T WAIT but I have a couple complaints.

    1. Jason David Frank AGAIN? I know he kinda like what Pikachu is to Pokémon BUT do we need to see him every time? Now I know some of you guys might say we don’t see JDF every time, look at Overdrive “Once a Ranger” but still it feel like every time.

    2. So with no Davi Santos (Ivan, Dino Charge Gold Ranger) that mean we won’t get a full team? I figured we would get the other like Prince Phillip III, James Navarro or Zenowing MOSTLY BECAUSE THEY WERE GUESS RANGERS. But I kinda sucks that we won’t get a full team up.

    ON A SIDE NOTE I 100% Yoshi Sudarso (Koda, Dino Charge Blue Ranger) to make a guess appearance as Koda or just SOMEONE new.

    3. With Pua Magasiva (Shane Clarke Ninja Storm Red Ranger) & Sally Martin (Tori Hanson, Ninja Storm Blue Ranger) why no Glenn McMillan (Dustin Brooks Ninja Storm Yellow Rangers)? I just seem weird that AGAIN don’t have a full team.

      1. ENOUGH! For the last time, Troy Burrows is NOT the worst Red Ranger, only Rocky still is. Now drop this whole “worst” thing, alright? Because I’m sick of the word “worst” all the time. Now just stop it.

        1. he is definitely in the top three with Jaden and rocky. he never grows as a character, heck he could’ve only appeared in SM and it wouldn’t matter. noah is the only good SM character

          1. Don’t you mean, that useless Mr. Tzachor NEVER help the rest of the 5-core Megaforce Cast group grow their character developments by telling their backstories? Hmm?

        2. Troy isn’t really a good Red Ranger. He has little character development and he’s just generic. He used to be a rip-off of Jason as well.

  15. Definitely need Lauren from Super Samurai in PR Super Ninja Steel. It sucks we won’t get the full Zeo, Ninja Storm and Dino Charge teams though.

  16. The kid ranger Justin was the worst ranger ever. I mean how did he grow automatically when he morphed. It was too weird. I have to agree with the other guy that Rocky stunk. They need Austin St. John for this one. JASON!!!

  17. First of all – That’s not my problem, it was Mr. Tzachor’s deliberate problem and a bigger problems with the Pirate-Theme. Second of all – when Mr. Jebo married his real-life wife Nicole Wright-Jebo back in summer 2012, he was supposed to be spending more time with his real-life wife Nicole by turning down the role of the second half 6th Ranger. And third of all – The sentai Pirate-Theme didn’t made sense.

    1. Stop repeating yourself. You do have a problem if you have this obsession with hating Cameron Jebo for literally no reason.

      1. It’s because I don’t like Mr. Tzachor for almost bringing death to the PR franchise, I don’t even like the Gokaiger arsenals, mechas, and even suits, and I certainly don’t like everybody saying “Super Megaforce”. You see, there are most episodes that I never really liked, and they are “Blue Saber Saga”, “Spirit of the Tiger”, “Power of Six”, “United as One” (the most hated episode I refuse to watch), “The Grass is Always Greener or…..Bluer”, “All Hail Prince Vekar”, and “The Wrath”.
        And besides, Mr. Tzachor didn’t cared about the 5-Core cast groups’ character backstories, he selfishly only cared about his own Caucasian rasicm way (including that Ca-Moron Jerko).

      2. You see? I always knew they never bring back the impossible Cameron Jebo aka Ca-Moron Jerko, because I never wanna see that Caucasian male blue-eyed blonde stealer or his untrusted character again.

      3. Hey, I don’t hate Cameron Jebo, I actually despised the unofficial 2nd half 6th ranger Cameron Jebo (wait, Camoron Jerko) for almost cheating on his wife Nicole Wrigh-Jebo, and embarrassingly almost stole Christina Masterson from Andrew Gray.

        One more thing, if any of you think, that Mr. Jebo is or was already the new Tommy or Andros, then you’re wrong. You’re talking and sounding like the treacherous worst producer Mr. Tzachor.

  18. What i wanna see is every Megazords team up with the Ninja Steel, Bull Rider, Lion Fire, and Blaze Megazord in that special!

  19. Well. Maybe. How about the power rangers super ninja steel’s rangers team-up special with ninja steel meets dino charge?

  20. hi my name is ques lewis I love super ninja steel my life I need put for me on Netflix 2018 today iam new edition see you at new epsode tonight

  21. I don’t know, after the disaster that was “Legendary Battle”, I’m not going to keep my hopes up. I’m just going to wait and see.

    1. With Jonathan Tzachor (the only naturally dreadful part of (Super) Megaforce (everything else was because of him)), what could go wrong?

  22. Ok I’M really excited, and happy, hopefully this gonna works more that the Megaforce and Super Megaforce battle.

  23. If they are returning plus Lauren from Super Samurai I will be happy. Still hope its better than the Legendary Battle

  24. That Cameron Jebo better NOT appear in Super Ninja Steel, or go to that power morphicon again this year, because I never like him.

  25. The only 2 people that I truly wanna see again in Super Ninja Steel, are Andrew M Gray and his Christina Masterson. So, I say to all of you

      1. I actually like Andrew Gray. He actually improved a little in Super Megaforce. It’s not his fault if his character was poorly written and directed, that’s the writers and director’s fault. He was just doing his job.

        1. I don’t have any hate on Andrew Gray. I hate Troy Burrows, the character he potrays. Jonathan Tzachor was the one responsible for his poor character development. But I think that Becca Barnes and Alwyn Dale will ruin him even more.

  26. Why do you say that Mr. Sad Man, What you gonna do if he does come back for either one. Are you gonna cry like a little bit*h. Your name is so gay.

    1. i want to see i want happen next on power rangers super ninja steel
      i love power rangers so much

  27. hi i’m elijah bullock and i all season’s of power rangers back at new york and when i move to virginia and i been waiting for a new episode of ninja steel i want to know what date is power rangers super ninja steel start

  28. I still like Andrew M Gray and Christina Masterson together; as well as their Red & Pink Sky Character Couple Troy & Emma. And I do only hope that a great writer Judd “Chip” Lynn would give their character developments another chance. Especially their secret backstories and epic love story.

  29. James davies lives in new zealand so i don’t think that he would be in the team up. If you look at ciara hanna’s instagram you se a couple of picture of her in the clothes of her caracter and with brennan mejia so i think brennan wpuld be in the team up instead of james davies

  30. With Sledge in a different dimension I was hoping for a team up with all six Dino Charge and Ninja Steel rangers

  31. The power rangers are gonna need help from the digi destined here tai Matt sora Mimi Izzy joe Davis Cody Kari T.K. takuya koji Zoe takato rika and Henry with agumon gabumon tentomon biyomon patamon gatomon veemonhawkmon armadillomon guilmon terriermon and redamon

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