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Acme Archives’ Black Ranger Art Revealed

Acme Archives has slowly been rolling out their collection of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers artwork, and the Black Ranger is now morphing onto the scene!


Designed by artist Carlos Dittoli, fans can pick up the all-new “Black Ranger” artwork online by clicking here. The art features Zack the Black Ranger wielding his iconic Power Axe, standing tall in front of his mighty Mastodon Zord.

The Black Ranger art piece joins the previously revealed lineup for the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, White Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger – all featured in similar styles. Fans looking for┬áthe final two characters, the Red Ranger and Green Ranger, will have to continue their wait as plans have not yet been unveiled.

Fans can order the previously revealed Power Rangers art pieces by Carlos Dittoli by clicking below.

Blue Ranger
White Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Pink Ranger

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