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Alternate Movie Megazord Revealed

With Power Rangers Movie toys gearing up for release on December 2, box art photos are slowly starting to leak out as the products ship to retailers.

One such item, the T-Rex Battle Zord, gives fans a look at an alternate version of the Power Rangers Movie Megazord on the box’s side!


This picture (taken by an unnamed Facebook user) appears to display a more familiar, traditional version of the Power Rangers Megazord that fans have become accustomed to. In this version, fans can clearly see the five combining Zords and how they come together to form a larger-than-life robot.

•Tyrannosaurus Rex (Red Ranger’s Zord) – Torso & Arms
•Triceratops (Blue Ranger’s Zord) – Left Leg
•Mastodon (Black Ranger’s Zord) – Right Leg
•Sabertooth Tiger (Yellow Ranger’s Zord) – Hips
•Pterodactyl (Pink Ranger’s Zord) – Wings

So exactly what purpose does this Megazord serve against the previously revealed Power Rangers Movie Megazord, seen below? One such option would be the traditional, bulkier Megazord (seen above), having the ability to slim down for speedier, more agile combat (seen below), a tactic that was used on the TV show in 2003 during Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


But while that may be a popular guess among fans, the true answer has yet to be revealed by Lionsgate. With toys hitting shelves on December 2, and the film hitting theaters on March 24, 2017, fans can only hope to know the full details shortly.

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