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Amazing Power Rangers Movie Fan Posters

Let’s set the record straight: these Power Rangers movie posters are fan art. Designed by Chris Christodoulou (gallery here).

But my oh my, are they AMAZING!

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Inspired by the Morphing effect that takes over the Power Rangers in Lionsgate’s official trailer, Chrisodoulou’s “It’s Morphin’ Time” posters are the real deal. Each poster depicts the re-imagined Power Ranger suits being taken over by the organic morphing effect that transforms teenagers with attitude into mighty superheroes.

We never dedicate whole articles to fan art, but in this case, an exception must be made. These posters rock. To the casual fan, they may even look more official than the actual official posters.

Well done, Chris. And to all the passionate fans who support Power Rangers enough to create artwork, keep up the great work! Together we are more!

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Power Rangers Movie Fan Posters

  1. Thanks for sharing my work. I am super excited that actually took the time to dedicate a whole article on my art.

    1. Thank you for creating them! Can we ask though, where you got the images of the Rangers in these poses? That seems to be new.

  2. Because of your tweet the other day, which suggested these were real posters and not fan-made, the original creator isn’t getting any credit for his amazing work. Learn how to tweet better.

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