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Aniki Cosplay Becomes Officially Licensed

Aniki Cosplay, the most popular producer of Power Rangers cosplay products, has become officially licensed by Saban Brands!

The deal reached between both sides makes Aniki Cosplay the official producer of Power Rangers cosplay products and role play items worldwide.

Since opening their business in 2005, Aniki Cosplay has become best known for making Power Rangers helmets in stunning, show-accurate quality. Convention goers, cast members, and Power Rangers toy collectors alike have reveled in ordering their Power Rangers helmets from Aniki for years, and Saban Brands has taken notice.

With this new deal in place, Aniki is committing to taking their service and qualities to the next level by expanding production capabilities and staffing.

All items are 100% hand-made, by order only.

Fans can head to www.AnikiCosplay.com now to check out their wide array of offerings, with helmets and products from every season of Power Rangers. Fans of the Power Rangers movies or comic books can also find products tailored to their favorite heroes and villains.

The cost of Aniki’s Power Rangers helmets typically range around $350 each, with price subject to variation. Currently, fans who order can claim 20-30% off their entire purchase.

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12 thoughts on “Aniki Cosplay Becomes Officially Licensed

  1. Thats too damn expensive. I could never afford such a thing. Shame, I’d really like to be a Power Ranger for Halloween

  2. So you license a cosplay company known for making Power Ranger costumes AFTER you sold the entire franchise?

  3. How is this possible? Saban just sold the entire franchise to Hasbro, and the company of Saban themselves are shutting down July 2nd. Why are you spreading misinformation?

  4. The deal was made prior to the sale to Hasbro. Saban just gave the green light to make the official announcement.

  5. This year for Halloween 2018 I want to be lord drakkon and green power ranger plus beast morpher red because I love power rangers congrats

  6. Sadly I don’t see Hasbro supporting this. Great that Saban went head and OFFICIALLY licensed them only weeks away from the company closing.

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