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Bandai Making “Largest Ever” Movie Megazord


When the Power Rangers Movie hits theaters on March 24, 2017, it will bring with it an all-new set of Zords based on the Rangers’ dinosaur spirits. And together, those five Zords will combine to form the Megazord.

But even sooner, when Bandai America’s toys based on the Power Rangers Movie hit shelves this holiday season, fans will be able to look forward to forming the largest Megazord toy ever to be produced!

Bandai will be releasing each of the five Zords in a larger-than-life size, revealing the first of those toys yesterday with the Red Ranger’s T-Rex Battle Zord. When combined with the remaining Battle Zords, fans will be able to construct a Megazord measuring 2 feet tall!

Each Battle Zord will come included with a 2″ figure of its respective Ranger, as well as action role play such as the T-Rex Battle Zord’s missile firing ability. The T-Rex Battle Zord will sell at an estimated price of $40, while the remaining Battle Zords will sell at an estimated price of $20.

Fans can check out more images of the newly revealed Power Rangers Movie toys on RangerNation.com. And stay with Power Rangers NOW for the full Movie Megazord reveal in the coming weeks.

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