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Bandai Re-Releasing Power Rangers Legacy Toys

Did you miss the boat on some of Bandai America’s Power Rangers Legacy toys? Good news: it might be coming back!

With Power Rangers toys shifting to Hasbro in Spring 2019, its soon-to-be former master toy licensee, Bandai America, is emptying their warehouse supply by re-releasing almost every Power Rangers Legacy toy from the past.

Currently slated for release in December 2018, this re-release will give fans the chance to pick up key toys they may have missed during each item’s limited edition run throughout the last few years.

The Power Rangers toys being re-released are (with their corresponding prices):

•Legacy Power Morpher ($65)
•Legacy Power Morpher (Green/White Ranger Edition)
•Legacy Dragonzord ($90)
•Legacy Thunder Megazord ($200)
•Legacy Tigerzord ($80)
•Legacy Ninja Megazord ($99)
•Legacy Falconzord ($65)
•Legacy Dragon Dagger ($85)
•Legacy Saba Sword ($105)
•Legacy Blade Blaster ($80)

Fans can pre-order all of the toys on BigBadToyStore by clicking here!

All of the Legacy toys being re-released are based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

While fans can place their order for the re-releasing Legacy toys online, it is unknown at this time if the toys will make their way to retailers such as Walmart, Target, or GameStop.

Bandai America first started releasing Power Rangers Legacy products in 2013. The toys were designed as a premium collectible version of classic Power Rangers toys from the past. While fans cherished most of Bandai America’s Legacy toy releases, the line reached its conclusion in 2018 after Hasbro acquired the Power Rangers brand in full.

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  1. If they’re emptying their warehouse they need to lower the price of that way they’re not charging almost the same amount that other people are charging for a unopened box especially like with the dragon debtor $85 seriously after shipping you’re almost in the same amount that everyone else is charging even if they offer free shipping so it’s like what’s the point.

  2. if all psychos get a figure form Red Black Blue Yellow Pink is going to be great only if they do then the fake silver becomes a figure and now a green gets made I’m definitely getting green

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