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Bandai Releasing Classic Figure Packs

Bandai will be releasing action figures from classic Power Rangers seasons in Good vs. Evil 2-packs!

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The packs will primarily consist of action figures of classic characters that went unsold, but sprinkled in with new action figures of classic characters that were unreleased. The first wave has already begun to hit store shelves at Walmart.

As of now, eight packs are currently planned, with six pictured above:

•Mighty Morphin Red Ranger vs. Mighty Morphin Green Ranger
•Samurai Red Ranger vs. Ninja
•Megaforce Robo Knight vs. Loogie
•Super Megaforce Silver Ranger vs. Prince Vekar
•Dino Charge Red Ranger vs. Poisandra — New Character Release
•Dino Charge Gold Ranger vs. Fury
•Ninja Steel Red Ranger vs. Ripcon
•Ninja Steel Blue Ranger vs. Ripperat

Each pack will retail at approximately $19.99.

Be sure to stay tuned to Power Rangers NOW for all the latest on Bandai’s Power Rangers toy line.

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