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Bandai: Toy Fair 2017 Q&A

Power Rangers NOW got the chance to catch up with Bandai at Toy Fair 2017! Fans can check out all the HD photos from Bandai’s booth on our Facebook page by clicking here, and check out our Q&A below with all the answers you need!

Power Rangers Movie

How long will the Power Rangers movie toy line run for?

We have Power Rangers movie toys planned for Fall 2017, and into Spring 2018. But a lot of the toys we have planned (like the Command Center Playset) will depend on how well the movie actually performs.

When can we expect to see 5″ action figures released for Rita Repulsa, or the Putties?

Rita will be shipping any day now. The Putties won’t be far behind.

Will we see Fliphead Figures for the other three Rangers?

Yes. Each Ranger will be part of the Fliphead Figure line, as well as part of the Morphin Power line. We will even include Rita Repulsa in the Morphin Power line, but instead of lighting up, she will twirl her staff.

Why do the female Power Rangers movie Rangers have thinner, skinny leg models?

We initially designed the figures when Lionsgate released concept art for the Power Rangers movie suits. Initial concept art featured very thin models for the girls. The toys are based off these models, which were released even before casting took place.

Any chance of a Legacy Power Rangers movie Megazord that is more in scale with traditional Deluxe Megazords?

If the fans want it, and if the movie performs well, it’s absolutely possible.

What’s new about the Power Rangers movie Megazord mask, as opposed to the other masks already released?

The Power Rangers movie Megazord Mask will be motion sensor triggered, as opposed to a button on the mask’s right side.

Legacy Toys

What’s the plan to release individualized weapons for the Legacy Figures?

We’re not doing individualized weapons for all the seasons, only for select seasons. Fans will be able to buy the individualized weapons for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by picking up the Morphin Metallic figures in stores. Same price, $19.99, releasing this summer.

Are you aware of the issue with female Legacy Figures not selling?

We are aware, and are changing our shipping models to release more male figures. Now, waves of Legacy Figures will be split into 2 cases: with a few figures from the wave in one case, and a few figures from the wave in another. The waves being split into 2 cases will ship almost simultaneously with one another, so it won’t change the overall release of the waves.

Will we be getting more Legacy Power Weapons beyond the Legacy Power Sword?

We are hoping to do the other Power Weapons if the Legacy Power Sword sells well.

Will the Legacy Power Sword be flimsy?

Yes. It can’t be a weapon for kids. And on the bright side, being flimsy, fans can now bring it to conventions for cosplay.

Can you talk about the new Capsule Figures?

The Capsule Figures will be blind packaged in special rock-like cases. The idea is fans can use the rock-like cases to build a set to place their figures on. The Capsule Figures will be random characters from all seasons, and won’t release in special, planned waves like the Legacy Figures. Fans will be able to pick them up on the toy shelf.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Are there any plans to release the Auxiliary Zords (Rumble Tusk, UFO, etc.) separately, as opposed to being packaged with repainted Megazords?

The UFO Zord is called the Astro Zord. And they will not be released separately. The repainted Megazords will be the only way to buy them.

Will the Ninja Power Stars continue through 2018?

Yes, they will. And there are many more characters coming. Including Legendary Rangers from the past for Rangers besides Red Rangers, and some villains as well.

Will the Training Gear, Sword Star Shooter, Ninja Steel Cycles we see be used in-show?

The Training Gear and Ninja Steel Cycles are show accurate. The Sword Star Shooter is not in-show.

Why do the Ninja Steel toys not spin like they do in-show?

We couldn’t make the Ninja Steel toys spin, or else they wouldn’t be able to activate unique sounds like each of the Ninja Power Stars currently do.

Will we get an action figure for Galvanax?

We are working on including Galvanax in the 5 inch figure line, but as of now it’s been tough due to his larger build.

Obviously cockpit-exclusive modes are designed with toy sales in mind. Is there any reason the modes are being kept only inside the Megazord cockpit?

That is a decision up to Saban Brands and production.

What features will the Lion Fire Fortress Zord have?

Fans can sit their Deluxe Megazords inside, store their 5″ Power Rangers figures around the battle station, transform the Lion Zord between different modes, keep villains in a stored jail cell, intertwine their Ninja Steel Cycles, use Zord Builder components, and more. This is our big toy for Fall 2017.

In regards to Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, 4 Legendary Charger packs remain unreleased. What’s the plan for those?

They will not be released. We have finished shipping Dino Super Charge toys.

Have you taken a look at Kyuranger or Zyuohger for Power Rangers 2019?

We’re still awaiting a final decision, but the cubes from Zyuohger won’t be workable.

Will each Ranger having different body molds pose any challenges for Kyuranger’s adaption in 2019?

No, we will create different molds for each Ranger. But it’s still very early on. So far, we’ve only been shown officially 9 Rangers.

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