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Bandai’s Interactive Alpha 5 Revealed


Bandai will be releasing an Interactive Alpha 5 based on the robotic sidekick from Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie!

The new figure, which will stand at roughly 9 inches tall, will include motion sensors, lights, and sounds, allowing it to be fully compatible and interactive with fans of all ages.

Alpha 5, the small robot standing at 25 centimeters, is full of humor and a great companion to the Power Rangers. With lights and sounds, the Interactive Alpha contains tons of surprises thanks to its motion sensors and extendable arms.

The Interactive Alpha 5, who’s description has been translated above, was posted online by Twitter user @T1m3R_FR from a French toy catalog.

Fans can head to stores now to pick up more of Bandai’s toys based on the Power Rangers movie. And be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as the Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24.

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