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Bandai’s SDCC 2018 Exclusives Revealed

Bandai America isn’t done dropping new Power Rangers toys just yet!

At San Diego Comic Con 2018, Bandai America, who still owns the master toy license for Power Rangers until spring 2019, will bring three exclusive products to the biggest pop culture convention of the year.

The slate starts with a Zeo Gold Ranger Edition Legacy Zeonizer, based on the highly popular Legacy Zeonizer toy released in early 2018. The Zeo Gold Ranger Edition product will sport brand-new sounds straight from the Gold Ranger himself, Jason Lee Scott. It will also include a host of other light and sound features.

The Zeo Gold Ranger Edition Legacy Zeonizer will retail at $120, exclusively at Bandai America’s booth.

Fans can check out the official product description below, as revealed on RangerNation.com.

Created by Zordon of Eltar, the Zeonizers utilized the power of the legendary Zeo Crystals to connect to the Morphin Grid and morph five heroes into the Power Rangers Zeo. These wrist-mounted devices use an interlocking feature that also helped to pilot the Zeo Zords. The Limited Edition Power Rangers Zeo Zeonizer Legacy Zeonizer, Zeo Gold Ranger Edition is a toy original Zeonizer. Featuring quotes straight from Jason Lee Scott, premium die cast parts, motion activated sound effects and show accurate lights & sounds for all six Zeo Rangers – the Legacy Zeonizer, Zeo Gold Ranger Edition is perfect for display or cosplay. Go Go Power Rangers!

Bandai America will also bring a Psycho Green Ranger Legacy Figure, and Psycho Silver Ranger Legacy Figure to San Diego.

The Psycho Green Ranger was a brand new character introduced in BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series – a villain from the year 1969 who battled the original team of Power Rangers on the moon. His Legacy Figure will include his individual weapon.

The Psycho Green Ranger Legacy Figure will retail exclusively at BOOM! Studios’ booth.

The Psycho Silver Ranger was first seen on Power Rangers In Space, as Zhane disguised himself as a Psycho Ranger to trick Astronema’s team of evildoers. His Legacy Figure will also include his individual weapon.

The Psycho Silver Ranger Legacy Figure will retail at $45, exclusively at Entertainment Earth’s booth.

Both Legacy Figures will be repaints of the same mold used for the Red, Blue, and Black Psycho Ranger Legacy Figures releasing in stores later this year.

The Power Rangers In Space Psycho Green Ranger and Psycho Silver Ranger come to life in a collectible 6.5 inch figure. Highly detailed with show accurate styling, premium decoration, multiple points of articulation, and a muscular, heroic design, this is the perfect figure for play or display! Figures come in premium collectible packaging. Great for adult collectors and kids alike.

Fans can check out images of all three new products below.

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All three products will be a part of the Top 25 For The 25 – an official anniversary collector’s list for Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary. The list is geared towards collectors of all ages and features must-have, official Power Rangers anniversary products from notable partners such as Bandai, nWay, BOOM! Studios, and Imaginext among others.

San Diego Comic Con 2018 takes place July 18-22 at the San Diego Convention Center. More Power Rangers products exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2018 will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Hasbro’s first Power Rangers toys will release in Spring 2019, clearing the way for Bandai America to continue releasing Power Rangers products through early 2019. Bandai America is expected to present additional Power Rangers exclusive toys at both Power Morphicon and New York Comic Con 2018.

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    1. It was pushed from the original Summer release to the Fall. It will still come out with the remaining Psycho Black, Pyscho Pink, and Psycho Yellow.

  1. Good job bandai they should do a spinoff of the power rangers call psycho rangers a TV series and new episodes of power rangers super ninja steel on nick either this August and November I love power rangers because I’m 34 yrs old and I want to be the dark ranger from the power rangers comic and psycho green from another power rangers comic its coming power morphicon 6 next year power morphicon 7 in 2019 reveal the new cast of power rangers beast morphers and the release date after power rangers super ninja steel this is epic

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