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Power Rangers Beast Morphers To Have 22 Episodes

Power Rangers Beast Morphers is staying true to Nickelodeon’s format.

When Power Rangers Beast Morphers premieres in 2019, it will air 22 episodes. This follows the same format the franchise has rolled out over the previous 8 years – with 20 episodes airing alongside two holiday themed specials: one geared towards Halloween, and another geared towards Christmas.

Each episode will have a 30 minute runtime, with commercials.

While not a format fans have loved, it’s a format fans have become accustomed to dating back to when Haim Saban re-inherited the reigns to the franchise beginning with Power Rangers Samurai, and most recently ending with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

This news does not confirm that Power Rangers Beast Morphers will have a second season in 2020. While it’s likely that the cast, and adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, will stick around into a “Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers” (fan-made, unconfirmed title), it has yet to be definitively confirmed.

With 22 episodes airing in 2019, Power Rangers Beast Morphers will take the Power Rangers franchise to a grand total of 897 episodes when the season concludes.

The news was revealed in an article about Mipcom, detailing Hasbro’s slate at the upcoming international trade show.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will be the first season to air under Hasbro’s ownership following the toy giant’s acquisition of the property in early May 2018 (recap here).

Hasbro’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers toys will begin hitting store shelves in Spring 2019. Fans can check out the official Power Rangers Beast Morphers synopsis below, which will follow Devon, Ravi, and Zoe – the core three Rangers portrayed by Rorrie Travis, Jasmeet Baduwalia, and Jacqueline Scislowski.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

Click here to watch the official trailer for Power Rangers Beast Morphers, which debuted at Power Morphicon 2018!

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50 thoughts on “Power Rangers Beast Morphers To Have 22 Episodes

  1. Power rangers is almost to 900 episodes hope they do something special for a 900th like they did with their 500th

  2. Fingers crossing that they will ditch the “Super” for something else. Say…Power Rangers Primal Beast Morphers? Make the upgrade the Primal Beast Mode, powered by the Primal Beast Morpher, boom!

  3. The reason they have only 22 episodes is because thats as much as Nickelodeon allows per “third-party” show seasons. Saban wanted to do more but they couldn’t so they had to make another season with a slightly different title. It’s not Hasbro’s fault. Since Saban also renewed PR for a couple more years on Nick they can’t change it. There’s a contract.

  4. Getting sick of Nickelodeon running 2 seasons, with the last being “power rangers super _____”. It’s stupid, please stop. Also, I would love to see a us adaptation of uchuu Sentai kyoruger.

  5. If they want filler episodes in the season, they should go with at least 30 or at least 40 episodes per season to smooth things along. Anyone else agree? That is the same problem with Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, Ninja Steel, and Super Ninja Steel.

      1. 32 is not enough for one season to tell the full story. No one wants a repeat of Disney’s cheapskate era after SPD.

        Anyway, after the Nickelodeon contract ends, I recommend Hasbro move Power Rangers to Discovery Family.

        1. First of all – What about 35 episodes?
          And second of all – What is Discovery Family? Is it a new friendly production guidance?

  6. hasbro management should tell Nickelodeon off im making a 40 episodes series if u can’t provide a slot for 40 episode series your broadcast rights for power rangers is cancelled.

  7. They already confirmed that Beast Morphers will not have a Super season and if the run it for a second season it’ll actually have a longer episode run than Go-busters did.

  8. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t do a Super half of the season and just tell a good, complete story in 20 episodes)


  10. If you read the article it says hasbro has a power rangers library of 929x22min episodes. 876 episodes will have aired at the completion of Super Ninja Steel. 929-876 is 53. It mentions nowhere about the season being 22 episodes.

  11. The gold and silver rangers will just later in season the gold is a male and the silver is a female 🙏⛪️🕊️

      1. I’m Kind of hoping for Beast Morphers CUSTOM or Beast Moprhers Customized after the Go-Busters Power up Mode.

  12. Hello everyone (including Willis James), I got something to share with you all as with lots of love and respect. So, here it is.

    RED & PINK SKY RANGERS: A Beautiful Heartwarming PR Love Story (A Spin-Off from PR MEGAFORCE)

    Main Cast:
    •(Cyber) Engaged Sky Couple 💑•
    Andrew M. Gray as Troy,
    Christina Masterson as Emma.

    TBA as the voice of Robo Knight.

    •(Ultra/Cyber) Solar Single•
    Lisa Ramos as Tina Burrows (Troy’s Little Sister).

    •(Ultra/Cyber) Lunar Single•
    Kai Braden as Obadiah Goodall (Emma’s Big Cousin).

    •Main EPS S3, College Theme•
    1. Dawn of the Federation (NOTE: Tremma Spin-Off premiere 1of2; 4th year of college; King Verikho, Princess Vonda and the Warstar Federation’s debut appearances) {1/2/19}
    2. Cyber Mode (NOTE: Mega S3 premiere 2of2; King Verikho, Princess Vonda and the Warstar Federation’s backstories; Cyber Mode – Cyber Mega Saber & Blaster form Cyber Mega Plasma!) {8/2/19}
    3. Sky Hearts (“: A February Special; Takes a week after the Mega S3 premiere; It shows 2 months ago of how, where, and when Troy & Emma got engaged, plus, their Red & Pink Sky Memories) {15/2/19}
    4. Episode 4 {22/2/19}
    5. Episode 5 {8/3/19}
    6. The Song (NOTE: Cyber Sky Blaster) {15/3/19}
    7. Episode 7 (NOTE: Bancore’s debut appearance & backstory) {22/3/19}
    8. Copper, She Morphed (NOTE: Priscilla/Tina’s debut appearance/backstory; Priscilla/Tina becomes Megaforce Copper; Squirrel Dual Grips; Another Cyber Mode – “Cyber Megaforce Copper!”) {29/3/19}
    9. Episode 9 {12/4/19}
    10. Episode 10 (NOTE: 6 Federation Commanders’ Debut appearances; Obadiah’s debut appearance & backstory) {19/4/19}
    11. Made of Iron (NOTE: Obadiah’s debut appearance/backstory; Obadiah becomes Megaforce Iron; Wolf Lance; Another Cyber Mode – “Cyber Megaforce Iron!”) {26/4/19}
    12. Episode 12 (NOTE: Squirrel Dual Grips and Wolf Lance form Solar-Lunar Blaster) {3/5/19}
    13. Episode 13 (NOTE: Another Ultra Mode – “Sun Power, Ultra Megaforce Copper!; Moon Power, Ultra Megaforce Iron!”; Gosei Alert MGZ) {17/5/19}
    14. Episode 14 (NOTE: Mid-Season Finale; College Graduation) {24/5/19}
    15. Episode 15 (NOTE: Mid-Season Premiere; Takes 3 months after EP.14) {30/8/19}
    16. Episode 16 {6/9/19}
    17. Episode 17 {13/9/19}
    18. Episode 18 {20/9/19}
    19. Episode 19 (NOTE: Takes a month after The Real Marriage of Troy & Emma) {11/10/19}
    20-22. Episodes 20-22 (NOTE: Triple-Bill; Tremma Spin-Off finale; Warstar Federation’s final appearance; Troy and his now wife, Emma, are both going to their honeymoon and live happily ever after) {18/10/19 – 12noon; 12:30pm; 1pm}

    Music By James Horner (S1: 2013), John Ottman (S2: 2014), Really Slow Motion (Spin-Off: 2019) and Mervyn Warren (Troy & Emma’s Love Theme).

    TV Special:
    The Real Marriage of Troy & Emma (NOTE: Takes place between Episodes 18 & 19; The Tremma Love Couple is finally getting married, for real! – 45mins) {27/9/19}

    So, what do you think to be really truly honest?

  13. If Power Rangers Beast Morpher is two season, the second season should be an adaptation of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger since they both base on an animal in different ways. Personally I want them to be different cast and characters, but if they decide to make a Super Beast Morpher, it will make somewhat sense to adapt Zyuohger since they have the instinct awaken form which is the power up. After the 2nd season, hopefully it the last year they have a contract with Nickelodeon for the third year is Ressha Sentai Toqger a season somewhat dark and comedy. When Toqger is done to be adapted, they should move to a different network with Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, after that it be Lupinranger VS Patranger and so on. Please make Beast Morpher/Go-Buster one season or what Megaforce did with two season. If you work or know somebody at Hasbro, please let them know that since this is what most power rangers collecter want for example or similar and no fillers episode. Thank you!

  14. It be cool if they got the actor who plays Chip in Mystic Force to play the gold rangers in Go-Buster since Magi Yellow play Beet Buster. If this did happen before Ninja Steel, Chip can be like Preston magic teachers similar to Magi Yellow from Magirangers and Aoninger from Ninninger

    1. Same with Kyuranger and Gokaiger when Gokai Yellow actress play Washi Pink. Ciara Hanna can play the pink rangers adaptation in the future

      1. Actually, you don’t know that because WE don’t know that either. And do me a favour, stop talking about Ciara “The real-life cheater” Hanna. There is no way to believe that she’ll ever play the new starforce pink ranger in the future kyuranger adaptation. And that’s that, the end.

  15. With Hadbro getting power rangers I would like to see them do Rail Force or whatever they call it since it got skipped for Ninja Steel.

    1. But the Toqger’s Megazord is sentai’s no.1 worst mecha ever. So I’m afraid toqger will not be adapted in the future. Because as you know, not every sentai season can be adapted.

  16. power rangers beast morphers season 26 and power rangers beast morphers season 27.power rangers beast morphers ,power rangers toqger adaptation or power rangers zyuohger adaptation . in power rangers beast morphers only have one female ranger . maybe in power rangers toqger only have two female rangers the colors are 1. yellow and 2.pink , if Zoey still be the yellow ranger and no one knows who will be the pink ranger . hard one is in power rangers zyuohger only have two female rangers the colors are 1.white and 2.blue . last female blue ranger named Madison was on power rangers mystic force and last female white ranger named Hayley was on power rangers ninja steel.

  17. That’s it? Just 22 episodes alongside two holiday specials? Why not 30 episodes? 32? 34? 36? 38? 40? What about two more specials? One is where Power Rangers Beast Morphers team up with Power Rangers Super Megaforce from the past and the other where Power Rangers Beast Morphers team up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Power Rangers Dino Charge from the past. If the future Power Rangers series ever get adapted from ToQger, Zyuohger, Kyuranger and Ryusouger, they should make 36, 38, 39 or 40 episodes instead of 22.

    1. Please don’t ever say “Super Megaforce” (the stupidest super Mode ever by that cheating and treacherous lazy Tzachor), it’s embarrassing. Just say “Megaforce” (Good Goseiger outfits).

  18. If Hasbro don’t make 2 seasons for Beast Morphers,i’ll be happier than i was,and hope that Hasbro will adapt ToQger

  19. Currently finishing the 2nd Saban Era having started my all series run beginning with Samurai. Finished up a previous all run with Dino Charge. Currently watching all 40 on Ninja Steel. Anyway that said I’ll wait to see how Hasbro does with Go Busters in 2020. When I do an all franchise run on DVD I plan to watch Beast Morphers before Dino Charge as Go Busters released first so it plugs up a gap Saban left when we got Dino Charge. Hopefully we get Rail Force (or whatever Hasbro calls it) since in Japan it was before Ninja Steel.

  20. Power ranger 27th season can be Power Ranger Beast Morphers Return with more than 25 episode and full of suspense, actions and upgraded weaponry. Or make tommy olivers return in it.

  21. Currently watching Super Ninja Steel due to being a year behind Nick per usual. At least I don’t have the hiatus in the way to slow the new episodes down. I gave watched new Power Rangers on DVD since Samurai when I lost Nick. Then our cable server dropped Nick mid way of Super Mega Force. I watch all new Power Rangers on DVD pushing Beast Morphers back to 2020. What happens on TV is you see 8 episodes and wait 4 to 7 weeks for the rest which is stupid. At least this way on DVD there’s no hiatus. I would rather hold and see all 20.

  22. Beast Morphers

    As for go Busters I saw 8 of them and it looked cool like it could work. Hasbro could pull this adaption off.

    If we can get the train series in 21 we will not have skipped any as Saban opted for Ninja Steel. Here’s hoping that Hasbro does the train series next. Then we get orange and purple Rangers plus the Rangers trading colors. That would be a first.

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