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Best Power Rangers Moments of 2017!

2017 – what a year!

It was a year in which Power Rangers arguably made its biggest mainstream comeback since the early 90’s, with the birth of new projects that made it cool to proclaim “It’s Morphin Time!” yet again.

And like any year, each of us experienced moments we wished we could forget, moments we actually did forget, and most of all, moments we never will forget. In the world of Power Rangers, 2017 gave us a lot of incredible things, and it’s time we look back at the TOP 7 Power Rangers moments of 2017!


#7. February 12 – Kyuranger Premiere

“A Super Sentai season making a Power Rangers list, has the world gone mad?”

Not quite. Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, the heavyweight favorite to become a Power Rangers season in 2019, took everyone by storm – Power Rangers fans included. By providing a glimpse at what might lie ahead, Kyuranger undoubtedly made more noise than any other Super Sentai season over the last few years.

With an astonishing high number of Rangers, an array of epic Zords and weaponry, and storylines that took viewers for a wild ride, Kyuranger proved that its staying power was as strong as fans’ desire to snatch up all the products they could get their hands on.

From the moment it premiered in February, Kyuranger was a hit, and figures to be just the launching point for a whole lot more of these constellation-based heroes still to come.


#6. July 26 – Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Comic Launch

After treating readers to a critically acclaimed Power Rangers comic book series in 2016, BOOM! Studios’ followed up on their success with the launch of a second comic book series in 2017.

Running in parallel with their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series, BOOM! Studios’ Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comic series dives more into the personal lives of our iconic teenagers with attitude. Currently five issues deep, the stories written by Ryan Parrott allow fans to see Jason, Kimberly, Billy, and all their favorite characters in a way the past 24 years have never allowed.

In 2017, we salute BOOM! Studios for their continued passion and dedication to furthering the stories of the expansive Power Rangers universe.


#5. December 8 – Lupinranger vs. Patoranger Reveal

The reveal of Japan’s new Super Sentai season is always going to be a big deal. Not only will it take over Japan in the year to come, but it gets fans thinking about a potential Power Rangers season down the line.

In 2017, Lupinranger vs. Patoranger came to light, introducing fans to a dynamic duo of two teams of heroes. With police enforcers and car-themed Zords on one side, and tophat-wearing thieves and aerial-themed Zords on the other side, Lupinrager vs. Patoranger promises to be a Sentai season unlike any in recent history.

The verdict remains out on the season’s villains, storylines, and additional Rangers still to come, but like every other Sentai reveal that came before them, Lupinranger vs. Patoranger allowed fans’ imaginations to run wild – and perhaps will have Power Rangers fans running wild a couple years down the road.


#4. October 24 – Power Rangers Hyperforce Premiere

A brand new team of Rangers with an original cast, original suits, and original Zords? That’s exactly what Power Rangers Hyperforce provided when it was both revealed and launched in 2017.

The first ever Power Rangers tabletop RPG had fans running loose on social media with excitement, interest, and even confusion. Because it was something so new to Power Rangers fans, many had no idea what to expect, and still don’t as the Hyperforce team continues to delve into seasons and storylines from all across the Power Rangers timeline.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Power Rangers Hyperforce is a noble, original cup of tea that attempts to give Power Rangers fans a product like they’ve never had before. With 14 episodes still to come, the boundaries of the Power Rangers universe to which the Hyperforce team could still explore remains to be seen, and 2017 will always be remembered for the launch of one of Saban Brands’ most unique Power Rangers projects ever.


#3. March 23 – Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Release

The most expansive Power Rangers video game to date came alive in 2017, with the rise of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

Created by game developer nWay, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars gave fans a mobile fighting experience with characters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Ninja Steel. From its announcement in January, to its release in March, nWay’s commitment to the game has been both captivating and exciting as players interact with their favorite characters like no previous Power Rangers video game has ever allowed.

With an $11 million investment from Lionsgate, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars figures to be a major part of the franchise’s plans for months to come, with new characters, new stages, and new game features that will leave players clamoring for more.


#2. January 21 – Power Rangers Ninja Steel Premiere

For a brand that was born, and survived for 24 years, on the back of its TV show, Power Rangers will always be defined by its television incarnations taking over Nickelodeon’s airwaves.

In January 2017, fans were introduced to the team of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and followed the lovable cast along their year-long journey that ended in the destruction of Galvanax in November. Power Rangers Ninja Steel, love it or not, earned its spot in the hallways of Power Rangers lore, as fans of all ages made sure to tune in on January 21 when they witnessed the show’s premiere.

The Ninja Steel team’s adventure isn’t finished just yet, but no matter where they go from here, very few days on the Power Rangers calendar can compete with the excitement and promise of Premiere Day – when the first look at the newest team of Rangers debuts. No matter whether you finished your year with Power Rangers Ninja Steel or not, each of us was there for the beginning, to welcome the newest team of spandex-clad heroes into Power Rangers’ illustrious history.


#1. March 24 – Saban’s Power Rangers Movie Release

The least suspenseful countdown has reached its most predictable end. The top moment of 2017 was never in doubt, and was firmly decided before the year even began.

March 24, the day Saban’s Power Rangers movie hit theaters, gave each of us a moment we’ll always remember: where we saw the movie, who we saw it with, and our emotions when we left the cinema. Saban’s Power Rangers movie took viewers back to the prehistoric fairytale they fell in love with in the 1990’s, as Lionsgate re-imagined our teenagers with attitude in a way the franchise has never done before.

Whether a sequel ever comes to light or not, Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers will always be remembered for its place in Power Rangers history. With the most edgy cast, suits, Zords, and storyline ever to don the name Power Rangers, the movie made diehard fans, casual fans, mainstream fans, and brand new fans proclaim “Go Go Power Rangers!” once again.

Thank you Lionsgate, for making Power Rangers cool again. Thank you Lionsgate, for the best Power Rangers moment of 2017.


So, did we get it right? What else about 2017 made your year awesome? Let us know! And check out some of the honorable mentions that almost made the list!

 Honorable Mentions

Justice League/Power Rangers – Continuing on BOOM! Studios’ successful Power Rangers comics, the Justice League teamed up with our beloved heroes in an iconic comic book line written by Tom Taylor. Launching and concluding in 2017, the Power Rangers made history with their biggest team-up ever!

Poisandra Action Figure Release – You probably forgot this even happened, but Bandai should be saluted for taking a major risk in 2017. Fans demanded an action figure of Power Rangers Dino Charge‘s sparkly female villain, and Bandai delivered, marking a major victory for Power Rangers fans on store shelves nationwide.

Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers – So maybe Power Rangers Hyperforce wasn’t the only original team born in 2017. Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers, the YouTube web series, also came alive this year. And whether you love to watch them or love to joke about them, one thing’s for sure: you definitely remember them.

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  1. What a moment of 2017 but I love both power rangers movie and power rangers ninja steel by 2018 new weapons new morphers new super power stars of the second season of power rangers super ninja steel with new episodes plus if saban brand and lionsgate to do power rangers 2 movie they must cast an actress to play tommy a girl version any actress to play the sixth ranger and after super ninja steel is power rangers StarForce or jungle force in 2019-2020 its morphin time let me know the release date of power rangers super ninja steel and the sequel

  2. I loved Kyuranger so I’m glad it made the list. It did a better job of grabbing me as a viewer than any other season since Gokaiger. I’m looking forward to Saban’s take on it. I’d be very upset if they skipped it,

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