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BOOM! Studios Announces Mighty Morphin Showcase Variants

Get ready to power up your comic book collection with BOOM! Studios’ latest Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Showcase Variants!

The newest line of comic book covers feature six of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, including:

• Rocky De Santos (Red Ranger, portrayed by Steve Cardenas)
• Adam Park (Black Ranger, portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch)
• Billy Cranston (Blue Ranger, portrayed by David Yost)
• Aisha Campbell (Yellow Ranger, portrayed by Karan Ashley)
• Katherine Hillard (Pink Ranger, portrayed by Catherine Sutherland)
• Tommy Oliver (White Ranger, portrayed by Jason David Frank)

To collect each Showcase Variant, fans will have to visit each of the actors at various conventions throughout the year, where they can purchase Showcase Variants based on each actors’ character!

The fun officially begins at San Diego Comic Con, where fans can pick up Tommy Oliver’s White Ranger Showcase Variant at BOOM! Studios’ booth on the show floor.

Each Showcase Variant will sell for $40.

Check out all of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Showcase Variants below, with artwork by James “Griff” Griffiths.

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The Showcase Variants will serve as covers to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40, which began the Power Rangers: Necessary Evil storyline where the White Ranger made his long awaited debut into BOOM! Studios’ comic book line. The comic book publisher promises that Power Rangers: Necessary Evil will eventually change everything you think you know with a shocking reveal.

The issue was the first with writer Ryan Parrott at the helm of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series.

Power Rangers: Necessary Evil brought back the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team of Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy – and revolved around the fallout of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 is written by writer Ryan Parrott, and designed by artist Daniele Di Nicuolo.

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  1. Who the heck cares. I don’t care about comics. I just wanna know when Beast Morphers new episodes are gonna be back on TV in the States.

  2. I was born in 1985. 8 years before Power Rangers came out. And I can’t imagine what its like to have been born after 1993.

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