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BOOM! Studios Introduces Power Rangers Supersonic

Meet Power Rangers Supersonic!

The newest team of Power Rangers was introduced in a brand new comic book story by BOOM! Studios, as featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe. Fans may immediately recognize the Supersonic Rangers as being derived from Chikyu Sentai Fiveman, a Super Sentai series that aired in Japan in 1990. The series was one of many to air in Japan before Zyuranger, which would become Mighty Morphin Power Rangers overseas.

In BOOM! Studios’ latest story, the Supersonic Rangers are introduced as coming from a planet named Xybria. The Rangers are named:

•Ace – Red Ranger
•Brute – Blue Ranger
•Gent – Black Ranger
•Pyre – Yellow Ranger
•Star – Pink Ranger

The team’s sixth Ranger is a Green Ranger named Trek, who becomes jealous of the Pink Ranger’s budding romance with the Red Ranger.

In a villainous act, the Green Ranger betrays his teammates by killing them in an explosion. He then reports to the evil Dark Specter, who fans will recognize from Power Rangers In Space. Dark Specter gives Trek newfound power, turning him into the Psycho Green Ranger, and thus the origin story of the iconic evildoer is born.

Fans can see the Power Rangers Supersonic pictured above.

This is the first time a pre-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super Sentai season (known as pre-Zyu) has been adapted into a canon storyline. However, this isn’t the first time the Supersonic Rangers have been featured as part of the Power Rangers brand.

Power Rangers Supersonic were first seen on Power Rangers Super Megaforce as one of the “unknown” Legendary Ranger Modes the Super Megaforce Rangers transformed into. On the show, Gia the Yellow Ranger transformed into the Supersonic Yellow Ranger for one fight scene, exclaiming the name “Supersonic Yellow Ranger!”.

Fans will wonder if BOOM! Studios has plans to feature other pre-Zyu teams who were seen on Power Rangers Super Megaforce in future storylines. That would leave four more teams for the comic book publisher to tackle:

Choushinsei Sentai Flashman – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Prism”
Dengeki Sentai Changeman – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Dragon Blitz”
Hikari Sentai Maskman – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Lightning”
Gosei Sentai Dairanger – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Squadron”

BOOM! Studios’ story that introduced Power Rangers Supersonic was written by Trey Moore.

In their Super Sentai counterpart, the Power Rangers Supersonic were all teachers at a school. As a result, the Rangers’ suits are each themed after different classes. The Red Ranger has an icon on his helmet to represent science class, the Blue Ranger for gym class, the Black Ranger for foreign language class, the Yellow Ranger for music class, and the Pink Ranger for math class.

It is unknown how heavy of a school class theme Power Rangers Supersonic borrows from its Super Sentai counterpart as it was never mentioned if the Rangers are school teachers.

At this time, it is unknown if Power Rangers Supersonic will be featured as part of any future Power Rangers comic books or toys.

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32 thoughts on “BOOM! Studios Introduces Power Rangers Supersonic

  1. Gosei Sentai Dairanger aka Power Rangers Squadron in Super Megaforce was Mighty Morphin season 2 except Saban Entertainment change the rangers uniforms because the white ranger from Dairanger was in Mighty Morphin. So maybe Hasbro can do a remake of Mighty Morphin and give them a squadron mode.

  2. I’m not sure how to feel about this. i mean its cool that they’re doing something original (such as another original Sixth Ranger), but with an existing Pre-Zyu Sentai Team…it doesn’t feel right.

    Also you put Black Ranger twice…

  3. Really? Okay. I’m somewhat glad this is happening. In a way, it’s world building to bring both Super Sentai and Power Rangers together in an American-made world building aspect. But to be brutally honest, it seems less like world building to expand the power rangers multiverse, and more of fixing the damage Super Megaforce has done and making the best of a idiotic situation. The show will NEVER explain why Fiveman, Liveman, Changeman, Maskman and Dairanger were in the show, so the comics will have to do what Super Megaforce wouldn’t do, Explain things for being there.

  4. For a second I thought this was Shout Factory saying that they are going to release Fiveman on DVD in 2019. Or that Fiveman was gonna be adapted into an actual Power Rangers season. Guess that I’m wrong on both counts lol

  5. I am glad they are adding in previous groups. Maybe have their cousins as the next group. Start with the weapons and suits and then up grade them.

  6. Well, at least we’re finally getting some answers as to where these “Supersonic” ranger powers came from and who were them in the past.

  7. I think a better name for Squadron would be Power Rangers Thunderstar and Maskman could be Light Force, seeing as how that’s pretty close of a translation.


  9. I love that they’re making the pre-zyu teams Ranger teams from other pre-established planets. These are the Rangers from Trip’s home planet, which explains the unusual naming convention.

  10. It’s too bad Hasbro can’t make that the new show for 2020. With original footage. They can really do it or anything they want let’s not forget they are one of the most successful toy companies as long as I can remember if they put the right amount of money . Plus talented people to work on it it could probably be simply spectacular. But the only way they can do it and make it amazing it to get power rangers off the nickelodeon . It’s because of them we have to have a super season all the time i because they have a limit of the number of episodes they can have . They should really look for another channel or streaming service to go to if not make their own channel they tried before a few years ago it didn’t work out but now they know what not to do and they can do it right .

  11. This is awesome!!!!! I hope they do more sentai teams in the future. At least this solidifies the whole thing that super megaforce was using powers from other planets. In a way, they are cleaning up some of the mess that was in that season by actually giving us story for at least one of them

  12. yes finally new power rangers are coming to boom studios call power rangers super sonic i love it if hasbro will do a tv series after power rangers beast morphers season one and two with new rangers new morphers and zords i love power rangers i would love to join the super sonic rangers to fight evil and save the world

  13. one idea for adapting dairanger i have is making it a prequel series, calling them power rangers of eltar. It would be before zordon came to earth and mentored a power ranger team on his home planet.

  14. Supersonic Rangers doesn’t sound like the original superhero team suit, it sounds more as an enhance Mode with Armor pads. But frankly, SONIC RANGERS really sound like the original superhero team suit. And plus, at the end of a comment, it’s SONIC MEGAZORD. You dig it?

  15. It is good to know that BOOM! adapting Pre-Zyu seasons of Super Sentai as Power Rangers team, and the fact that they are not from Earth. But I am not a big fan of the fact that they made a sixth Ranger, who isn’t grow up enough to be happy for his teammates and get jealous and kills them cause of that, just so BOOM! can give a back story for there another sixth Ranger the added Green Psycho Ranger who is pointed leader. We get it BOOM! you love Green Rangers.

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