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BOOM! Studios’ Original Power Rangers Revealed

The original, first-ever Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1969 have been revealed!

Debuting in Issue #20 of BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series, this new team of heroes existed throughout iconic moments in American history, where they worked alongside Zordon to protect the Earth. The Power Rangers fans have come to know and love – Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly – would go on to become superheroes years later, in present day.

The new team of Power Rangers from 1969 consists of five members:

•Igor – 21, male, Soviet KGB agent
•Jamie – 24, female, British singer/songwriter
•Terona – 21, male, war veteran
•Daniel – 18, male, student/protestor
•Grace – 21, female, head secretary at NASA and wannabe astronaut

Included in the team is a female Red Ranger and female Black Ranger, and a male Yellow Ranger and male Pink Ranger.

The first look at the new characters came at BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comics panel at New York Comic Con 2017, where writer Kyle Higgins explained that the writing team long felt another generation of Power Rangers could exist.

Fans can pick up Issue #20 for the full story when it releases in stores October 2017 (full recap here).

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17 thoughts on “BOOM! Studios’ Original Power Rangers Revealed

  1. Why did they make the 1969 Pink Ranger a man? Canonically, there has never been a male pink ranger, and, probably, there never will be. I don’t have a problem with men wearing pink, nor do I have a problem with a male pink ranger in general, but, unless Super Sentai designs a pink ranger that is intended to be a man, which I doubt, it is highly unlikely that, canonically, there will ever be a male pink ranger in the near future of Power Rangers and Super Sentai.

      1. I meant as a regular/permanent color, so what was seen in Gokaiger/Power Rangers Super Megaforce does not count.

    1. Are you a moron? It’s a freaking comic book, it plays by it’s own rules. “Oh but Sentai doesn’t have male Pink Ranger’s so this doesn’t make any sense durrr”. Stupid idiot.

      1. Cone, you are the moronic idiot for even thinking that I’m stupid! Of course a comic book plays by its own rules. And I never said that a male pink ranger doesn’t make any sense. I am all for there being male pink rangers (even pink is not my favorite color), but I grew up with Power Rangers, and the Pink Ranger has always been female, and the costumes are designed to look like they’re intended to be worn by women, so, in my opinion, for a man to be believable as a pink ranger (without giving the audience the wrong impression), the costume for a male pink ranger has to be designed to look like it is intended to be worn by a man because it’s easy for a woman to look good has a ranger of any color since most people wouldn’t even think twice about it, but it is NOT so easy for a man to look good as a pink ranger without getting picked on and/or being made fun of. Even though I’m a Power Ranger fan, I’m looking at this from a graphic designer’s view point. And my point regarding this comic book, in particular, is that I think that the writers are making the 1969 Pink Ranger be a man for the wrong reasons. That’s why I think that, canonically, it highly unlikely that there will ever be a male pink ranger (as a regular color).

      2. In SPD for squad A team there is a female red ranger. I think maybes there should be a male pink ranger. It could be great to see and yeah unusual but at the end of the day they are super heroes saving the day no matter what colour they are

  2. That was just using the keys them self,he means as a regular color or power.hope they are not just putting him pink cause hes gay.put him the most feminine color in the franchise.not a problem at all just seems strange.i would have liked to seen a blue female ranger.i would have used a different team from supersentai or a new creation or look all together.

    1. I believe there have been five female blue rangers in canon – in Liveman, Jetman, Hurricanger (Ninja Storm), Magiranger (Mystic Force), and Zhyuohger.

  3. Why list “protester” as a descriptor? Protesting isn’t an occupation, something one typically does regularly, or a way to describe a person’s lifestyle. It sounds a lot like “professional complainer.”

    1. Yes and no, Power Rangers was originally an adaptation of Super Sentai (and it still is the TV show), so they are not completely separate things. In order for there to be regular color male pink ranger on the Power Rangers TV show, Super Sentai would have to create him first, unless he is an American exclusive (like in the case of Light speed Rescue Titanium Ranger).

      1. Yeah, Super Sentai creates the gender of the rangers, that’s why we never got a female yellow ranger until Zeo gave us one.

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