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Boom! Studios Squatt & Baboo Stories Announced

In Boom! Studios endless efforts to expand the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe, they’ve taken each of the franchise’s beloved characters to new heights as part of their comic series.

And now, they’ll continue to do just that in all-new stories based on Squatt and Baboo, the lovable but wacky sidekicks of Rita Repulsa’s evil army.

In Year 1 (Issues 1-12), fans got to explore the characters of Bulk and Skull in backup stories that concluded each issue. In Year 2 (Issues 13-24), Squatt and Baboo will own that backup story as readers follow along in the duo’s craziest adventure yet.

To see the beginnings of the pair’s story, written by Ryan Ferrier, fans can pick up Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 13 in stores now (or online by clicking here).

And check out a preview of the Squatt and Baboo story below, with an exclusive interview with writer Ryan Ferrier immediately following!

What is your Power Rangers fandom? When did you start being a fan, and what do you like about the franchise?

RYAN FERRIER: I actually had a different introduction to MMPR. When I was about 10 years old my family moved to Italy. As such, we had no access to American television, so while I hadn’t seen Power Rangers, I somehow got a hold of the toys and immediately became obsessed. Fast forward to a trip back to Canada for a summer and I finally saw just what the show was. I loved it and bought up all the VHS tapes of episodes I could so I could binge them when I returned overseas.

Because my exposure to the franchise was all visual, initially, that’s something that’s always stuck with me. Whether you are or were a fan or not, there’s no arguing that the designs and look of the characters and the world are iconic and awesome. It tapped directly into that part of my childhood brain that loves colorful ninjas, weirdo monsters, and giant transforming robots.

What is your Squatt & Baboo story about?

FERRIER: At its core this is a story about two, often overlooked, sensitive best friends who want to feel appreciated and want to be useful. They want to be the heroes of the day, which as we explore, is a fairly subjective thing depending on your vantage point. In “The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo,” the two monster buds end up sending themselves on a wild journey across multiple alternate dimensions. Very weird dimensions. We aimed to make this a story full of heart, laughs, total weirdness, and some surprises that fans will really dig.

How did you go about pitching your story?

FERRIER: I’ve been blessed to work with incredible editors Dafna [Pleban], Alex [Galer], and Matthew [Levine] before, and when they approached me about possibly getting to play in the MMPR sandbox, I definitely lost my chill. Laying down ideas for stories was some of the most fun I’ve had in comics, and there was no shortage of wild concepts. These characters in particular are so incredibly conducive to going full-tilt with bizarre, comedic elements, so I felt right at home.

Are there other Power Rangers stories you’d like to tell?

FERRIER: Absolutely! Like any fan, the thought of writing the core Rangers team is a dream. The great thing about the MMPR universe is just how rich and expansive the mythology is. There are so many cool, different incarnations of Rangers, from Time Force to RPM, that are just ripe for new stories. That’s not even touching on the amazing baddies and monsters. Admittedly, I do have a fondness for Goldar.

Your story is going to run in two-page installments in Year 2 of MMPR, from 13-24. Was it a challenge to write this knowing it will be released two pages at a time?

FERRIER: It was a challenge, but in the best way. If anything, it really streamlined the writing process and helped make it succinct. When you’re working with a short format like this, every single panel has to count in building the characters, moving the story, and in our case, making it funny. I have a lot of experience and fondness for the art of short-form comics, so I felt right at home.

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