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Chip Lynn To Return For Power Rangers Beast Morphers

The most storied Executive Producer in Power Rangers history is returning for another round in 2019.

Chip Lynn, other times referred to as Judd Lynn, will return as Executive Producer for Power Rangers Beast Morphers – premiering on Nickelodeon in 2019. This will mark the fifth consecutive Power Rangers season to be produced under Lynn, and the first season to be produced under Hasbro’s ownership of the Power Rangers brand.

Lynn made his debut on the Power Rangers scene when he served as Executive Producer of Power Rangers In Space in 1998, carrying the same title for the franchise all the way through Power Rangers Time Force in 2001.

After departing the franchise when it was sold to Disney in 2002, Lynn would return as Executive Producer of Power Rangers RPM in 2009. His latest run with the show began in 2015 with Power Rangers Dino Charge.

While Lynn was often considered to be a fan-favorite, his recent run of Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Ninja Steel has left fans questioning if he’s still the right man for the job. Leadership at Hasbro evidently believes that to be the case, as Lynn will remain in charge for the first season under the new company’s belt.

At this time, it is unknown if Lynn will retain his same writing staff which primarily consists of Becca Barnes and Alwyn Dale, both of whom have been a part of the show for Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will begin with three core Rangers – Red, Blue, and Yellow – a team size that Lynn has never had the opportunity to tackle. With a new team size to work with, and a new company in charge, only time will tell if Lynn will change his approach in adapting the newest season of Power Rangers.

Fans can find the official Power Rangers Beast Morphers synopsis below.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

The season will adapt its footage from the Super Sentai season, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

The season was first announced at Toy Fair 2018 in February (recap here).

Chip Lynn’s return to the franchise was reported by That Hashtag Show.

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28 thoughts on “Chip Lynn To Return For Power Rangers Beast Morphers

    1. Hold up Michelangelo!

      We don’t what year Beast Morphers takes place, what original villians we will have for the series, let alone the 3 main characters that would become the Beast Morphers Power Rangers.

  1. Hopefully he has a new team working with him to make a great new season of Power Rangers. But if it’s the same as Ninja Steel…. Oh boy!

    1. I think what airs isn’t what he wrote as maybe Nick altered the scripts to make it suitable fir there target audience before the cast gets them, thus the problems ninja steel has is mostly nicks fault, so in 2021, when nick contract expires Power rangers wil probably be put on discovery family

  2. Vaughn just shut the hell up. All those things will be revealed long before the show begins next year. So why worry yourself about that stuff. This season will be 100 times better than Ninja Steel is. I’m damn sure of it.

    1. No Mikey, you shut the filthy hell up, nobody knows about what theme Beast Morphers is gonna be okay?!

      SO BUG YOU AND GO TO STINKIN’ HELL PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      YOU’RE A JERK!

    1. Jerry, if we all know Hasbro Studios they don’t screw any shows at all and Power Rangers is one of them!

  3. The whole 3 year extended contract with Nickelodeon still confuses me. We always get 2 seasons of the same Power Rangers. The regular season and then the super season. But 3 years. Does that mean that Beast Morphers will only be 1 season and then we’ll get 2 years of a new series based off a different super sentai. I really hope Hasbro does Kyuranger next

    1. Heck no!

      Zyuohger comes next after Go-Busters, then TOQGer, then Kyuranger, then Lupinranger Vs. Patoranger.

  4. Please hope it doesn’t repeat the obvious. If it does, the story would almost be predictable. They teach us to be different, be ourselves, and not like anyone else. Also, even kids shows from the 2000s have much more enthusiasm and drama. They should follow that.

    1. How can you be sure a season of Power Rangers we have yet to see is going to be better than what is inching to to be an epic anniversary season like Super Ninja Steel?

  5. Do you think they are doing a one season such as Go-busters so they can let Lupin finish so they can adapt this into a two year series. My gut telling me that this is probably what Chip probably likes adapting. Cops V robbers.

  6. I got one question for the Beast Morphers or Gear Beast (in which GB stands for) news: Will there be a first ever African-American female Gold Ranger, and also the American made original PR 6th ranger called the Navy Ranger based on the wolf-like or K-9 dog-like theme zord?


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