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Dean Israelite On A Power Rangers/DC Crossover


In January 2017, Boom! Studios launched a series of comics crossing over two iconic universes: the world of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with the world of DC’s Justice League.

And with Saban’s Power Rangers movie now in theaters, one can only wonder what would happen if the two cinematic universes ever crossed over, with Dacre Montgomery’s Red Ranger-led Power Rangers meeting Ben Affleck’s Batman-led Justice League.

And according to Saban’s Power Rangers Director Dean Israelite, crossing over the two cinematic universes would be both “phenomenal” and “interesting” when asked in an interview with CinemaBlend.

“I actually think [crossing over both universes] is a phenomenal idea. … What I think is so interesting about that is there’s a real darkness and a grittiness to the DC world, and we’ve gone in a different direction. Of course, hopefully this movie feels edgy and raw in terms of the teenage world. But what I ultimately remember about Power Rangers is sort of this warmth and this heart and this joyousness from my childhood watching, and I think that contrast could be really interesting [on screen].”

The idea comes on the heels of two cinematic franchises looking to find their footing. While the Power Rangers pulled in a promising $40.5 million box office on opening weekend (likely guaranteeing some kind of future for the re-imagined franchise), Zack Snyder’s Justice League won’t have a chance to prove itself until it releases in November 2017.

But while the prospect of such a crossover would appear nearly impossible, the tone of both universes appears similar enough that such a uniting of universes may actually work. Not to mention, it would allow both franchises to try something different rather than confining themselves to their own intellectual properties the way all other major Hollywood franchises currently operation under.

For the time being, fans can get their taste of Power Rangers vs. Justice League by picking up Boom! Studios’ comic series in stores now.

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