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Dino Super Charge Coming To Netflix

UPDATE: The remaining 12 episodes of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge have been added to Netflix! With the recent addition, the entirety of Power Rangers’ 23rd season can now be streamed by users with Netflix accounts around the world.

Per ComicBook.com, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge will be coming to Netflix on October 15.

While it’s not currently specified which episodes will be available, fans should expect roughly the first half of the season to┬ábe available for streaming – which includes 10 action packed episodes!

For all the latest on Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW.


  1. Idek why, but I think Dino Super Charge is literally the best PR series to exist. (Apart from Mystic Force that’s so unappreciated) Resons:
    -More than 6 rangers
    -A variety of personal
    -Cool suits
    -A creature is a ranger
    – It’s not like any other series
    -It has completely new problems

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