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Dino Super Charge Ratings Hit Lows


Ratings for Power Rangers Dino Super Charge have hit a season low, as last weekend’s Episode 15, ‘Wings Of Danger’, brought in just 1.056 million viewers on Nickelodeon. The episode was expected to draw higher viewership with the inclusion of Zenowing’s official debut as the Silver Ranger.

Not only does this rating bring the season to its lowest viewership yet, ‘Wings Of Danger’ will go down as the second lowest rated Power Rangers episode of the Neo-Saban era, with only Dino Charge’s ‘Sync Or Swim’ (Power Rangers’ 800th episode) behind it.

While the reasoning behind the sudden decline will be explored, fans who closely follow Power Rangers viewership already know that massive ratings drops following the extended summer hiatus are nothing new. The show has struggled coming out of its summer break ever since Nickelodeon began airing the show in 2011.

Among the potential reasons behind Dino Super Charge hitting its lowest point could be the fact it followed the annual Halloween episode. The holiday episodes have historically been clip shows that provide minimal new content for fans.

Of course the show’s post-summer struggles could also be attributed to international spoilers. In recent years, fans in the United States have been treated to second helpings of episode premieres as new episodes debut overseas in a multitude of countries. In many cases, this forces some fans to go online for their fix of new episodes, and check out from Nickelodeon’s TV airings.

Nickelodeon also likely did Dino Super Charge no favors by leading this week’s episode in with an episode of Harvey Breaks, as opposed to the typical lead-in of Spongebob.

Still, as fans call for format changes to Power Rangers’ current airing pattern on Nickelodeon, the fact that Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge has now placed 10 of the 12 lowest rated Neo-Saban era Power Rangers episodes may be a statistic that works in their favor.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge’s most watched point was the Aqua Ranger story arc.

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