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Dragonball Inspired By Power Rangers

Around the time of 1990’s, two popular Japanese franchises became worldwide sensations: Dragonball and Super Sentai (otherwise known around the world as Power Rangers). For decades, fans have come to love both franchises, which have both earned spots in pop culture’s hall of fame.

But what most fans don’t know, is how Power Rangers has actually influenced Dragonball, as told by creator Akira Toriyama. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Toriyama confessed that he became highly interested in Super Sentai, and had his team put together a similar team of five.

“When coming up with new characters, I try to go with types I haven’t drawn much before. Like with the Ginyu Special Force, my kids were little at the time and were really into Sentai heroes, so I thought: ‘Hey, those are interesting,” Toriyama told.

When fans look at the Ginyu Special Force (seen above), the resemblances to the Power Rangers are immediate. Not just in their aesthetic designs, but also in their over-the-top poses, and personalities.

Dragonball and Super Sentai/Power Rangers will always have a place side by side, not just in history, but in the hearts of fans. And that only makes it all the more heartwarming to see both franchises have such an influencing role in the development of each other.

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