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Most Exciting Power Rangers Things In 2018!

In the 1990’s, a team of spandex-clad teenagers took the world by storm, ushering in one of the greatest superhero factions ever to be born – the Power Rangers.

Many of us jumped on the Power Rangers bandwagon during the show’s inception, while others jumped on at a later point in the brand’s wide-ranging history. But no matter when you joined the Power Rangers bandwagon, it’s hard for us all to believe that these park-cleaning high schoolers by day, robot-piloting superheroes by night are about to turn 25 years old.

In 2018, Power Rangers will hit its milestone 25th anniversary, and bring with it a year-long celebration that honors 25 years of teamwork, diversity, empowerment, and friendship. Make no mistake – Power Rangers is going to wallop fans with a plethora of surprises and offerings for its 25th anniversary, and for that, 2018 is one of the best times to be a Power Rangers fan.

There’s so much awesome Power Rangers stuff coming in 2018 that packing it into one list is incredibly difficult. But we’ll do it anyway – the TOP 8 Power Rangers things to look forward to in 2018!


#8. Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History Book

Reading may not be your cup of tea, but there’s no denying that this book has been in the works for a very long time. In 2018, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History Book will finally come to light.

Published by Insight Editions, Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History Book will feature an extensive collection of artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, and more. Think of it like an encyclopedia documenting the brand’s 25-year history, with an ultimate look at how the iconic property came to be created.

Covering every season ever, as well as 2017’s Saban’s Power Rangers movie, the book promises to be a must-own for any Power Rangers fan. Currently slated for release in September 2018, over two years after its initial announcement, Insight Editions’ incredible book will finally release – after a wait that left some fans wondering if it ever truly would.


#7. Legacy Zeo Toys

Speaking of long waits, the seemingly never-ending wait for Power Rangers Zeo Legacy toys is about to screech to a halt.

After years of clamoring for Bandai America’s premium Legacy toy line to move past Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, fans’ cries have finally been heard. 2018 will treat fans to a release of the Legacy Zeonizer and Legacy Golden Power Staff, the iconic morpher and signature Gold Ranger weapon from Power Rangers Zeo.

The two new toys will mark Bandai’s first non-action figure Power Rangers Zeo toys to hit the market since the 1990’s. After years of hearing “It’s Coming!”, fans can rejoice as 2018 will finally flip the script to “It’s Here!” – Power Rangers Zeo Legacy toys have arrived.


#6. Super Sentai 2019 Announcement

This is strange, isn’t it? One of the most exciting things to look forward to in 2018 is a Japanese TV show that won’t premiere until 2019?

That’s correct. In late 2018, Toei will reveal their upcoming Super Sentai season set to take over Japan in 2019. And based on trends from the past eight years, Super Sentai’s 2019 season figures to become a Power Rangers season overseas, most likely in 2021.

Of course talks of a 2019 Super Sentai season and 2021 Power Rangers season seem incredibly premature, but the revelation of new Ranger suits, new villains, new Zords, and new weaponry promises to be as exciting as all the Super Sentai reveals that came before it. Toei’s upcoming season reveals are always a highlight staple in the Power Rangers calendar because of the hope and imagination it triggers – and 2018 figures to be no different.


#5. Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

Once an afterthought to Power Rangers’ TV show and rebooted feature film franchise, BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comic book series has become just as big of a powerhouse draw.

In March 2018, BOOM! Studios will help celebrate Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary with the launch of their Power Rangers: Shattered Grid storyline – a brand new plot that threatens the existence of every Power Ranger ever. In order to defeat Lord Drakkon, an evil alternate-reality version of Tommy Oliver, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will need to join forces with characters from all across the brand’s 25-year history.

The fun begins in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #25, with Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers joining the massive storyline event in Issue #9. It’s arguably the most exciting thing to reach BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers comics yet, and it’s coming in 2018.


#4. Psycho Ranger Legacy Figures

Psycho Ranger action figures are coming in 2018. This is not a drill.

Since their debut during Power Rangers In Space in 1998, the Psycho Rangers have become one of the most beloved villain factions in Power Rangers history. So it’s only right that during the brand’s 25th anniversary, the popular evildoers receive their first action figures ever.

Never released as toys in America or Japan, the Psycho Rangers will join Bandai America’s Legacy Figure line, with all five Rangers slated for release in 2018. The Red, Pink, and Blue Rangers are scheduled for release in mid-2018, with the Black and Yellow Rangers scheduled to follow in late 2018. Standing at 6.5 inches tall, the Psycho Ranger Legacy Figures promise to take all Power Rangers toy collectors by storm.


#3. Super Ninja Steel Anniversary Episode

Here we go again. Another Power Rangers anniversary, and another anniversary episode to help celebrate.

As most Power Rangers fans will tell you, anniversary episodes haven’t often gone right throughout the show’s 25-year history. Past anniversary episodes such as Forever Red in 2002, Once A Ranger in 2007, and Legendary Battle in 2013, have been heavily criticized by longtime fans of the TV show for their flaws. Yet no matter if you loved these episodes or despised these episodes, there’s no denying that they’re memorable, and have become staples in the Power Rangers timeline.

In 2018, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will attempt to reverse that trend with an anniversary episode of its own. While not much is known about the episode just yet, Saban Brands has announced that it will air in the summer of 2018 on Nickelodeon. Based on clues from filming, past Ranger cameo’s figure to play a role, but only time will tell exactly which cast members return and in what capacity. No matter the result, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s anniversary episode in 2018 guarantees to be memorable – and hopefully, for the right reasons.


#2. Power Morphicon 6

It’s an even-numbered year, which means Power Morphicon is on the calendar. And Power Morphicon 6 is shaping up to be the biggest one yet.

The largest Power Rangers convention to date will descend on its new home in Anaheim, California – allowing for more attendees, more guests, and more exciting events. And with Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary coinciding, Power Morphicon 6 is looking to be the biggest party of the summer, and perhaps the the biggest party of the brand’s milestone silver anniversary.

Some attendees will be in it for the epic reveals, and some will be in it for the fun adventures with friends – but no matter your reason for attending, Power Morphicon has proven that it’s always a good time, and 2018’s show will be no different. Taking place August 17-19 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Power Morphicon 6 will be THE place to be for Power Rangers fans of all ages in 2018.


#1. Power Rangers 2019 Announcement

“So you’re telling me the most exciting thing to look forward to in 2018 is the announcement of a TV show that won’t premiere until 2019?”


Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary is going to be grand. But barring Lionsgate announcing a sequel to Saban’s Power Rangers movie, the announcement of Power Rangers’ 2019 season will take home the title of the year’s most exciting moment.

From the season name, to the official logo, to the cast reveal, to the trailer debut – 2018 is going to have everything you need to get set for the latest Power Rangers incarnation to hit Nickelodeon in 2019. As of now, all signs point to Super Sentai’s Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger getting the nod as the 2019 adaption material, with official confirmation expected to drop during the earlier half of 2018.

What lies ahead for Power Rangers’ future in 2019 and beyond? All will be revealed in 2018.


So, did we get it right? What else are you excited for in 2018? Let us know! And check out some of the honorable mentions that almost made the list!

 Honorable Mentions

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Following an $11 million investment from Lionsgate, the most complete Power Rangers video game to date figures to be a major part of 2018. What exciting new additions can we expect from game developer nWay?

25th Anniversary Artist Tribute – In 2018, BOOM! Studios will release a book filled with colorful artwork spanning across all 25 Power Rangers seasons. It’s a must-own product that promises to be as beautiful as the artwork is visually striking.

Power Rangers Hyperforce – The first-ever Power Rangers tabletop RPG will conclude its first season in 2018. What else can fans expect? More special guests? Perhaps a 6th Ranger? A second season announcement?

25th Anniversary Escape The Room’s – To help celebrate Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary, Saban Brands will launch a series of Power Rangers themed Escape The Rooms. Not much else is known at this point, but fans should get pumped to team up with their friends in one of the most fun Power Rangers activities to date.

Lupinranger vs. Patoranger – Super Sentai’s 2018 season has already been revealed, but what other surprises does the season have in store? How will the actual season turn out? We’ll find out in 2018.

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  1. I have no faith in Saban Brands. The 20th anniversary sucked and the 25th is showing no signs of improvement. The show sucks. The only thing I want to know from your articles is how long it will take for them to learn.

    1. Why don’t u shut the fucking hell up you fucking piece of shit. Power Rangers is awesome and anyone who doesn’t like the show can suck my dick.

      1. Ninja Steel is ok, certainly better than Samurai and Mega Force. It began with promise but didn’t measure up to Dino Charge in the long run.

  2. But without anticipating anything, but enjoyed the visuals of Lupinranger vs. Patoranger, and would be easier to be adapted than the previous two seasons (ZyuOhger and Kyuranger). They say that Disney has acquired again, but this time in a partial way, I do not know if it relates the series that worked previously (2002-2010), or if it is going to give a new chance to the Power Rangers in cinemas (be it Sequel or the possible Reloaded – something that made current Superman movies). I believe it had been necessary (financially) that delay for the entrance of a future movie of Power Rangers.

  3. Anyone who says “Power Rangers sucks” is a fucking faggot.

    And why isn’t Ninja Steel on DVD included on this list. I want Power Rangers Ninja Steel DVDs. I don’t know about the rest of you motherfuckers but I care about Power Rangers and I love buying them.

  4. I am excited for 2018 like the new season of power rangers super ninja steel and new power rangers comics and upcoming power rangers sequel if they announced on power morphicon 6 in august then the next power rangers series coming its will be called power rangers StarForce in 2019 and many more power rangers series continues rangers forever

  5. I believe Kyuranger will get adapted for Power Rangers. I hope Saban Brands will end the partnership with Nickelodeon for good.

    1. Kyuranger is next for Power Rangers thats a no brainer. As for Saban and Nickelodeon ending their partnership. Yeah right. That’ll never happen. And you’re an idiot for even thinking that way.

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