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Exclusive Interview: Boom! Studios Issue 12

Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12 releases today!

And for the first time ever, the hit comic series is featuring Power Rangers from outside the Mighty Morphin era. In the 12th issue, fans will also learn about the deep backstory behind Lord Drakkon, the iconic hybrid Ranger villain that’s taken Power Rangers fans by storm.

For more on the Lord Drakkon’s background, and the newest Power Rangers to join the fray, check out our exclusive interview with writer Kyle Higgins below, along with a preview at Issue 12!

And be sure to pick up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12, by Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya, in stores now!


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What was your inspiration behind creating a character like Lord Drakkon, the first-ever hybrid Ranger?

Well, as readers are going to learn from the backstory revealed in issue 12, there’s a very good reason for the hybrid-ness of Drakkon. Originally, the idea was just to introduce Drakkon as the White Ranger in this other world. But, as I got into his backstory, it made sense to add elements of the Green Ranger… based on how he obtains the White Ranger Power.

Lord Drakkon has become an incredibly loved figure by Power Rangers fans. Did you expect such a positive reception to the character?

Has he? I pretty much quit social media late last year, so I haven’t seen much. But yeah, if that’s the case, that’s awesome. In general, I try to write to entertain myself. If other people dig it, that’s obviously an added bonus, ha-ha. I’ll be curious to hear what people think as we go forward with the story and more of him is revealed.

Because the concept of a hybrid Ranger has become so popular, have you had any thoughts or fantasies about creating a hybrid Zord? A Tiger-Dragon Zord sounds fierce, doesn’t it?

Ha, it certainly does! I don’t have any plans to create a hybrid Zord, in the traditional sense. The Black Dragon is kind of that, for me. Drakkon used elements of other Zords to build this weapon, which became something else completely.

In one scene, we see a powerful image of Lord Drakkon holding the Red Ranger helmet. If it’s possible for him to fuse the Green & White Ranger powers together, might he be able to tap into additional Ranger powers as well?

If he were to gain access to the other coins, I’d say it’s very likely. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you may have already seen some of that with the Mastodon Sentries…

If there’s one thing Power Rangers fans love – it’s references to seasons outside Mighty Morphin! And in this issue, we get to see the Alien Rangers and Phantom Ranger. Can you give any hint if fans can expect more references to, or development of, characters like these?

My lips are sealed!

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