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First Look At Bill Hader As Alpha 5

In September 2016, comedian Bill Hader was announced as the voice of Alpha 5 in the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

But until now, fans haven’t actually been able to see Hader as the team’s lovable sidekick. That changed when ComicBook.com rolled out an exclusive video containing behind-the-scenes footage of the Power Rangers movie.

Fans can watch the B-roll footage by clicking here, which shows Lionsgate’s film crew at work capturing all the action from┬ánumerous scenes in┬áthe Power Rangers movie.

The video doesn’t contain sound to protect obvious spoilers, but fans can see Hader wired up, working with Director Dean Israelite to film his scenes as Alpha 5.

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie gets ready to hit theaters on March 24. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates.

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