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First Look: Ninja Steel Figures


Before Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys hit retailers next month, Power Rangers NOW is happy to give fans a look at the figures’ first press photos (which have been confirmed by Bandai). The photos feature the five Ninja Steel Rangers (first seen at Power Morphicon 2016) and five Ninja Steel villains.

The first figures are expected to arrive on store shelves later this year at a retail price of approximately $9.99.

Ninja Steel Rangers

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As usual, Bandai will be releasing detailed 5″ figures for each Ranger to kick off the new season’s figure line. This year, the primary Rangers feature Red (Brody), Blue (Preston), Yellow (Calvin), White (Hayley), and Pink (Sarah). Each Ranger will come equipped with their sword battle gear, and feature 13 points of articulation.

New to Ninja Steel’s figure line will be the ability for each Ranger to pilot the Deluxe Ninja Steel Megazord (sold separately) inside the Megazord’s torso cockpit.

These figures were first seen on display at Power Morphicon 2016.

Ninja Steel Villains

Today, fans can check out the first look at the villains who will battle our heroes in 2017.

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Up first is the evil Ripcon, who will serve as one of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s generals. Ripcon’s figure comes equipped with two battle swords, as Bandai continues to expand on their line of evil characters after a highly successful reception to their slate of villain figures in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

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Next is a first look at the footsoldiers of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the Bashers. The Basher will include one paddle-styled weapon as Bandai continues their tradition of producing an action figure based on the villain’s footsoldiers for the eigth straight season.

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The evil Ripperat will be featured in Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s figure line. Ripperat was featured as the “Monster of the Day (MOTD)” in Ninninger’s premiere episode, and could be used in similar fashion when Ninja Steel premieres in 2017.

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s figure line will also feature the evil Cat O’Clock, another villain who is expected to spearhead Bandai’s “Monster of the Day” action figure lineup.

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The final villain in Bandai’s initial slate of Ninja Steel figures is Stonedozer. Sporting a large build, Stonedozer will do battle with the Rangers as yet another “Monster of the Day” when Ninja Steel premieres in 2017.

Fans looking for even more photos of these figures can check out the full gallery on our Facebook page. And stay with Power Rangers NOW for full coverage as Power Rangers Ninja Steel approaches in 2017 on Nickelodeon!

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