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First Ninja Steel Gold Ranger Filming Photo

The cast of Power Rangers Ninja Steel is back in New Zealand to film Season 2!

And with the second season having been confirmed to feature cameo’s from Power Rangers characters of past seasons, the paparazzi is out in an attempt to get a sneak peek at exactly which actors may make a return.

Today, the Ninja Steel cast was out filming in Albert Park in Auckland, and captured was the first look at the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger, per @ThePowerScoop. Seen wearing a golden t-shirt and cowboy boots, the man talking to Chrysti Ane (who portrays Sarah the Pink Ranger) is undoubtedly the Gold Ranger.

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The only question is – who is the mystery man in the golden shirt? Many fans suspect the character will be Aiden Romero, the long lost brother of Brody the Red Ranger. Other fans have been quick to note that the actor in the photo above appears to resemble Mike Edwards, the actor who plays Dane Romero, the long lost father of Brody the Red Ranger.

Only time will tell exactly who the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger is. The Gold Ranger story arc in Power Rangers Ninja Steel is set to begin in the season’s eighth episode, premiering on Nickelodeon March 18.

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7 thoughts on “First Ninja Steel Gold Ranger Filming Photo

  1. i think aiden will be the ninja steel gold ranger then the rest of the season may focus on trying to find what happened Dane Romero who disappeared ten years ago then we discover where the ninja master father was at Gal van ax also would seem to be defeated in the season finale then a new mysterious villain appears who also desires the ninja nexus prism and is a human like alien who can turn into a sinister form he or she will be more ancient named dreadnought he can create a energy dome use telekinesis generate plant like vines makes special monster growing bombs and comes with his wife who has a hand fan like weapon that can launch explosive projectiles from it and their own set of henchmen who wear cloaked uniforms dawn fox like masks and carry blades to fight they use the other aliens that were not destroyed to fight the rangers.

  2. I just honestly want Troy (Andrew M. Gray) & Emma (Christina Masterson) as an actual official Red & Pink Love Couple 💑 to return in the new possible untitled 2HR or 1HR & 30MIN long PR Super Ninja Steel movie. In fact, as an actual official Red & Pink ENGAGED Love Couple 💏. Please Remember that/this, #andrewgrayloveschristinamasterson #troylovesemma #andristina #tremma #redandpinkgowelltogether

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