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First Power Rangers Beast Morpher Trailer Premieres

The first trailer for Power Rangers Beast Morphers has been released!

Shown for the first time exclusively at Licensing Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, the first trailer for the 26th season of Power Rangers features the newly revealed Beast Bots and more!

Fans can click here to watch the first Power Rangers Beast Morphers trailer.

Licensing Expo has often served as the destination of choice for the first look at upcoming Power Rangers seasons. While the trailer typically features footage predominantly from Super Sentai, it also gives fans insight into which characters, Zords, weaponry, and storylines the upcoming Power Rangers season will choose to adapt.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will be the first season to air under Hasbro’s ownership following the toy giant’s acquisition of the property in early May 2018 (recap here).

The show will premiere in 2019 on Nickelodeon, with toys produced by Hasbro hitting store shelves in Spring 2019. Fans can check out the official Power Rangers Beast Morphers synopsis below.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

The core team features three Rangers – Red, Blue, and Yellow. The season will adapt its footage from the Super Sentai season, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

The season was first announced at Toy Fair 2018 in February (recap here).

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15 thoughts on “First Power Rangers Beast Morpher Trailer Premieres

  1. This I Gotta see. Power Rangers Beast Morphers! Courtesy of The 25th Anniversary of the Saban’s Power Rangers!

  2. Hi everyone, this is Dojo. I’ve got the Unnamed episode titles that you all must see (especially Willis James and the friendly-production PR franchise).

    PR: Beast Morphers (2019) (Based on or off the 2012’s Go-Busters Adaptation)

    Main Cast:
    TBA as Gear Beast Red,
    TBA as Gear Beast Blue,
    TBA as Gear Beast Yellow,
    TBA as Gadget Bug Gold,
    TBA as Gadget Bug Silver,
    TBA as Gear Beast Navy and
    TBA as Gear Beast Pink.

    Main Episodes:
    1. E01S26 {2/3/19}
    2. E02S26 {9/3/19}
    3. E03S26 {16/3/19}
    4. E04S26 {23/3/19}
    5. E05S26 {30/3/19}
    6. E06S26 {6/4/19}
    7. E07S26 {13/4/19}
    8. E08S26 {20/4/19}
    9. E09S26 {27/4/19}
    10. E10S26 {4/5/19}
    11. E11S26 {11/5/19}
    12. E12S26 {18/5/19}
    13. E13S26 {25/5/19}
    14. E14S26 {1/6/19}
    15. E15S26 {3/8/19}
    16. E16S26 {10/8/19}
    17. E17S26 {24/8/19}
    18. E18S26 {31/8/19}
    19. E19S26 {7/9/19}
    20. E20S26 {14/9/19}
    21. E21S26 {21/9/19}
    22. E22S26 {28/9/19}
    23. E23S26 {5/10/19}
    24. E24S26 {12/10/19}
    25. E25S26 {19/10/19}
    26. E26S26 {26/10/19}
    27. E27S26 {2/11/19}
    28. E28S26 {9/11/19}
    29. E29S26 {16/11/19}
    30. E30S26 {23/11/19}
    31. E31S26 {30/11/19}
    32. E32S26 {7/12/19}
    33. E33S26 {14/12/19}

    The GB Rangers will return!

  3. What do you think? Otherwise, the new hasbro era must make the PR franchise a whole new 33-Episode Season. Do you understand? Does the friendly-production company understand that?

        1. Actually i sense that Zyuohger will become Power Rangers Beast Supermorphers in 2020, and that will be the final chapter of the super season.

  4. Hey everyone, now I know why the PR franchise didn’t adapt Go-Busters. The real reason why Go-Busters hadn’t been adapted into the American PR version yet, was because it wanted to stay focused on this MODERN daytime (such as from Megaforce to Ninja Steel, for instance). So now, they’re finally adapting Go-Busters into PR Beast Morphers for 2019 in the FUTURISTIC time. Plus, the Kyuranger adaptation can be next in the futuristic time also. Am I right?

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