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First Super Ninja Steel Toys Released

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys have officially hit stores!

Nearly all toy categories have begun to hits stores, including the 5″ Action Figures, Deluxe Megazords, Morphers, Cycles, and Ninja Power Stars.

The above photo was tweeted at Toys R Us in Florida by Twitter user @PanamaRanger. Additional Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys have also been spotted at Toys R Us’ in Texas and Virginia (by Hassan Ahmed).

Even more Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys are expected to hit store shelves over the coming weeks in time for the holiday season – including additional action figures, Ninja Power Stars, and more.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s toys all introduce a sleek, new packaging that reduces paper usage.

The show is set to premiere on Nickelodeon in early 2018 – celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary while continuing on the adventures of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel team.

Featuring William Shewfelt (Red Ranger), Chrysti Ane (Pink Ranger), Nico Greetham (Yellow Ranger), Zoe Robins (White Ranger), Peter Sudarso (Blue Ranger) and Jordi Webber (Gold Ranger), Power Rangers Ninja Steel currently airs every Saturday on Nickelodeon.

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10 thoughts on “First Super Ninja Steel Toys Released

  1. This is cool and good toys too. Also I am super ready for the power rangers super ninja steel in 2018 ! I hope we will see the green ranger in super ninja steel in 2018.

    1. Heather Diana-Troy Travis I think they’re going to do the same thing like they did to the Talon ranger and if the Green Ranger DOES appear in Super Ninja Steel then I will be happy😊

      1. Well we got to white and see in 2018 and tomorrow it the 1 of December. So it not to long for the power rangers super ninja steel on tv and 2018 too.

  2. Wow, stores don’t waste time. Ninja Steel ends, BOOM, Super Ninja Steel toys instantly. It’s also kind of weird to see those underpainted semi-low quality figures in such collectors-like packaging. Still might buy Gold though. Would’ve been better if they actually showed their Super Master forms on the box though.

  3. I can wait to watch the second season of power rangers super ninja steel yes I hope there will be a green ranger or silver ranger new super power stars new zords new weapons and two new rangers with new villains power rangers super ninja steel will be the best power rangers series ever by2019 season 26 is power rangers StarForce coming to nick

    1. I’m not. I think its gonna be trash. Its the first and only Neo-Saban season that I can truly say is terrible.

      Even samurai and megaforce are better than that crap.

  4. Personally, PR Samurai could have been better by replacing the actors of both red and blue ranger. I think they were a horrible choice. Watching Shinkenger, it was truly great to look at and enjoy. Regarding Megaforce, the actor for the red ranger didn’t fit the role either. Saban completely trashed the season by merging Gokaiger with the second half for Super Megaforce. By doing so, the season felt rushed and incomplete. Gokaiger definitely deserved its own season. There definitely needs to be some changes with the Saban production,

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