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First Super Ninja Steel Toys Revealed

Bandai America’s first toys for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel have been revealed!

On display at New York Comic Con 2017 were the first toys for the Power Rangers’ 25th season, which will continue on the adventures of Power Rangers Ninja Steel as the show gets ready to commemorate 25 powerful years.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will air on Nickelodeon in 2018, with a special 25th anniversary episode set to premiere next summer.

Below, fans can check out the season’s first toys revealed as part of Bandai’s 2018 Spring Wave, which is expected to arrive on stores shelves during the 2017 Holiday season.

Click here to check out an HD gallery of all Bandai’s new Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys.

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New 5″ Action Figures

Bandai’s 2018 Spring Wave of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel 5″ action figures will feature the team in a brand-new cockpit mode! Never seen before in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the all-new power up features each Ranger sporting a black, grid-like gear that was first revealed as part of the season’s official poster (recap here).

The action figures are expected to retail at approximately $9.99 each, with battle gear included. Stay tuned as more 5″ action figures for the 2018 Spring Wave are announced at a later date.

Deluxe Blaze Megazord

Bandai’s 2018 Spring Wave Deluxe Megazord will be the Blaze Megazord – Gekiatsu Dai Oh from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the Japanese Sentai season fueling Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s overseas adaption.

The brand-new Megazord is formed through the combination of six animal-based Zords, one powered by each Ranger: a Bird (Red Ranger), Dragon (Blue Ranger), Tortoise (Yellow Ranger), Tiger (White Ranger), Panda Bear (Pink Ranger), and Fish (Gold Ranger). *Zord names unconfirmed.

Together, the Zords will create one of the most powerful Megazords to be harnessed by the Ninja Steel Power Rangers when it debuts as part of brand new episodes coming to Nickelodeon in 2018.

The all-new Deluxe Blaze Megazord is expected to retail at approximately $34.99.

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  1. Its finally here new power rangers super ninja steel action figures and deluxe sets and role play set coming in 2018 rangers forever

  2. Blaze Megazord and Bull Rider Megazord will combine Lion Fire Megazord into Blaze Ultrazord just like the Ninja Steel Ultrazord.

  3. hoping for more villain figures like Cosmo Royale with Baron Nero swappable head, Slogre, Shoespike, Juza, Otoroshi, Umibozi, Poisandra, Kudabots, and rerelease Sledge and Wrench

  4. Does anybody know where I can purchase the blaze megazord? I have seen several people on eBay with them. Of course they are wanting double the retail price. My son really wants this for Christmas. Thanks

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