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GALLERY: Power Rangers Movie Morpher


Official merchandise for the Power Rangers Movie is expected to hit stores in the coming days, and below, fans can check out the first gallery of the upcoming Power Rangers Movie Morpher!

The Morpher, equipped with lights & sounds, is a Ranger’s first line of defense in the fight against evil. Insert one of the five included legendary Power Coins and morph into your favorite Power Ranger. Check out all the lights & sounds included with the Morpher here!

Fans can look forward to buying the Power Rangers Movie Morpher at retailers nationwide in the coming weeks, and for now, can pre-order the item on Toys R Us.

RangerNation.com is the official Power Rangers fan destination. Visitors will have an immersive brand experience including first looks at Power Rangers products and announcements, plus social conversation, video content and more.

Fans can head to RangerNation.com for more on toys from Saban’s Power Rangers feature film that are now available for pre-sale, and check out our gallery of the Power Rangers Movie Morpher below.

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