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GALLERY: Power Rangers Nesting Dolls

What happens when you combine the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with something you’ve always loved as a kid (or an adult), but never thought you’d see?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wood Nesting Dolls!

The new six-piece set from Saban Brands and PPW Toys is now available online by clicking here, and fans can check out one of the first exclusive galleries below!

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Originally announced at Power Morphicon 2016 last August, the set includes the five core Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who each perfectly nest one inside the other – until fans reach the beloved Alpha 5 at the nesting dolls’ core!

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Made from real wood, the nesting dolls range in size from 2 to 4.5 inches. The set promises to be a perfect gift for fans of all ages, and allows hardcore fans to take their passion for Power Rangers to the next level.

Head over to PPW Toys’ official website now (click here) to order your set!

And will we see Power Rangers Wood Nesting Dolls branch off into other seasons in the near future? Support the set to find out!

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