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Gaoranger DVD Announced

Shout! Factory is bringing Hyakujuu Sentai Goaranger to DVD in December 2018!

The season will mark the eleventh installment in Shout! Factory’s line of complete season Sentai DVD’s that have delighted Toku fans worldwide.

Gaoranger, which initially aired on Japanese airwaves in 2001, was later adapted overseas as Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002.

Fans can check out the official season synopsis below.

Gaoranger takes place after a war raged between humans and the demonic Org race one thousand years ago. With the help of the Power Animals, the ancient Gao Warriors were able to defeat the Org’s leader, Hyakkimaru, and seal the Orgs. Today, the Orgs have begun to revive, and five warriors have been chosen by the Power Animals. They must abandon their current lives and become the new generation of Gaorangers to protect the life of Earth.

The official cover art for the DVD can be seen above.

The confirmation comes courtesy of MMPRToys.

Shout! Factory first released Sentai DVD’s in February 2015 with Zyuranger, the show that later became known as the international sensation of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. With Zyuranger DVD’s positively selling, Shout! Factory followed up its release with complete season DVD’s for Dairanger, Kakuranger, Ohranger, Carranger, Megaranger, Gingaman, GoGoV, Timeranger, and Jetman, most of which are available for order on Shout! Factory’s website.

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43 thoughts on “Gaoranger DVD Announced

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  1. Excellent! That will save me some money. I’d rather get the USA DVD box set than get all 12 volumes from Japan. (Even though I’m British)

    1. I’m 22 also from England. So I’m actually an adult. You’re just a immature, pathetic troll.

      Grow up, educate yourself and have respect for others.

    1. Super Ninja Steel hasn’t finished so not till late 2018 or early 2019.

      Like with Dino Charge & Dino Super Charge

  2. Love Super Sentai. If you don’t like Super Sentai,
    then there is no reason for coming here, other than to troll.

    1. I love Sentai! Personally, I like Sentai more Power Rangers. However, Gokai Luna, I agree. IF YOU DON’T LIKE SENTAI, THEN GET OUT OF HERE.

  3. I can’t stand this crap. Shout Factory Stop this s*** and stop it now. I hate super sentai. Its stupid quirky weird japanese humor makes me sick. I’m against Super Sentai DVDs in America and I wish that it had never happened. F*** Super Sentai. Power Rangers is forever.

    1. Shut up! People like Super Sentai! Just because you don’t doesn’t mean you can wish it away! So leave people who like Super Sentai, and pages about Super Sentai alone!

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        1. So since when did liking Japanese TV shows make one un-American? Wow you’re really suffering from Duning-Kruger effect and you are a DISGRACE to your own fandom. Don’t even call yourself a “true fan” of Power Rangers either. You’re just being laughed off so enjoy your idiocy!

  6. Shout factory are freaking retarded. And anyone who claims to be a white american and buys this crap is a disgrace to white american people

  7. I haven’t purchased any of them. I can’t afford to buy them, I don’t have a job. So I have to wait until Christmas to get my first Sentai DVDs. I want to get Timeranger and Jetman.

    I miss the days when Sentai was serious and dark. Now its too childish.

  8. Hasbro has got to put a end of this crap. Come on Hasbro get these idiots at Shout Factory to stop releasing Sentai. Put Power Rangers out on Blu-ray instead. I don’t want to see this quirky weird japanese sh*t. And I don’t want people to have access to Super sentai at all. F**k Super Sentai.

    1. Wow you’ve finally struck again! Again if it wasn’t for Super Sentai then your beloved Power Rangers wouldn’t exist now would it? And if you think about it — nobody REALLY gives a f*** about your stupidity. You’re a disgrace even to your own fandom. I bet Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai are laughing at you now!

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