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Gold Ranger Sinks Ninja Steel’s Viewership


Power Rangers Ninja Steel powered up for a mega Power Hour this past weekend – featuring two new episodes and the debut of the season’s Gold Ranger. But apparently, viewers powered down.

The premiere episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s Gold Ranger, ‘Gold Rush’, drew only 1.16 million viewers – the lowest of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s episodes so far, and one of the lowest of the Nickelodeon era of Power Rangers (2011-present).

Several factors could have contributed to the decline in ratings – including Saban Brands’ total no-show in promotion for their newest Ranger. TV stations saw no advertising for the Gold Ranger’s big debut, and even official social media channels online contributed nothing to to the hype, despite being free of cost.

The episode did air outside of its usual time slot – 30 minutes later than its usual 12:00pm ET – but did have the benefit of being followed by a Behind-the-Scenes special of Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie (which was promoted via on-air commercials).

Or perhaps the low viewership is just a sign of turbulence for a TV show that desperately needs something to spark its revival.

Nonetheless, Power Rangers fans will hope the show can bounce back strong when new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel return to Nickelodeon in the fall.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel airs every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

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