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Your Guide To: Ninja Steel Episode 19

Episode 19 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres this Saturday (11/4/17)! Titled ‘Helping Hand’, fans can find clips, stills, and other info related to the brand new episode below.

And be sure to watch ‘Helping Hand’, airing this Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon!


While Sarah deals with issues at school, the Rangers must overcome an invincible force field.

Full Spoilers


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Clip 2


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3 thoughts on “Your Guide To: Ninja Steel Episode 19

  1. Since everyone including the kids hate Ninja Steel, whats gonna be the outcome after Super Ninja Steel. Saban will have to do something to save it. Move it to Netflix.

  2. I really hope there is another season following Super Ninja Steel. If PR ends next year, my life will have no purpose. Power Rangers is my life.

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