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Your Guide To: Super Ninja Steel Episode 2

Episode 2 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel premieres this Saturday (2/3/18)! Titled ‘Moment Of Truth’, fans can find clips, stills, and other info related to the brand new episode below.

And be sure to watch ‘Moment Of Truth’, airing this Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon!


When Calvin forgets his and Hayley’s anniversary, he panics and ends up a spinning a web of lies to over up his mistake.


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Clip 2


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2 thoughts on “Your Guide To: Super Ninja Steel Episode 2

  1. This episode teaches a pretty good moral about letting a lie get out of control. It can be hard to tell the truth, especially to people we care about when we know it might hurt their feelings. In the end it’s the right thing to do since lying can lead to harsh consequences and even though the person in question may be upset, they will be less upset if you tell the truth.

  2. I See The New Super Ninja Steel’s Master Mode is a same as the old master mode. But did why did brody use this to use a super ninja steel’s master sword?

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