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Your Guide To: Super Ninja Steel Episode 7

Episode 7 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel premieres this Saturday (3/10/18)! Titled ‘The Need For Speed’, fans can find clips, stills, and other info related to the brand new episode below.

And be sure to watch ‘The Need For Speed’, airing this Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon!


Sarah tries to break the world hoverboard speed record using a strange new technology.


Clip 1
Clip 2


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8 thoughts on “Your Guide To: Super Ninja Steel Episode 7

  1. How Is this stuff suppose to be good? Unless it can be used in a mature manner, then I will accept it. Neo-saban please don’t be so dumb with how you use the material for modern power rangers!

  2. This episode left us something to look forward to. What could madam odius’s secret plan be with the galactic ninja’s medallions?

  3. This was a really cool episode. It really teaches people that if you want to achieve something great you need to work hard and not take shortcuts.

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