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Hasbro Reveals Power Rangers Lightning Collection

Hasbro’s very first Power Rangers toys have been revealed!

Introducing the Power Rangers: Lightning Collection – a line that will include action figures with an emphasis on quality. The line will include action figures of different Power Rangers characters, each with a premium design.

Each action figure will include weapons, accessories, and swappable heads. Some figures, where necessary, could include multiple accessories or swappable heads.

Fans can click here to watch a trailer introducing Hasbro’s Power Rangers: Lightning Collection!

Action figures in the Lightning Collection line will stand at 6 inches tall, and feature 27 points of articulation. Hasbro will also be including optional special effects with each figure.

The brand new toy line will be Hasbro’s equivalent to Marvel’s Legends line, or Star Wars’ Black Series line. Many fans will liken it to Bandai America’s previous Power Rangers Legacy line.

Thus far, only the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger has been announced, however Hasbro has promised future characters from all across the Power Rangers 25-year history.

The line will release at major retailers in Spring 2019. Each figure will sell for $19.99.

The newest products were announced for the first time at Power Morphicon 6, as part of Hasbro’s Toys, Collectibles, & Games Power Hour panel!

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9 thoughts on “Hasbro Reveals Power Rangers Lightning Collection

  1. Hasbro’s answer to the Legacy Collection. Looks neat. It would be cool if they had swappable hands as well.

  2. This is cool, I like the bodies on these. Bandai has weirdly muscular bodies. Can’t wait for the original 5. I wonder if we’ll get multiple heads for Red, Black, Yellow and Pink Mighty Morphin Rangers.

  3. Someone @ them and ask this. Since some of the ranger powers were held by 2 people (Like Mighty Morphin Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, Zeo Gold, the Turbo Rangers, and Lost Galaxy Pink) are we going to get both civilian heads? Like is Lost Galaxy Pink going to have both Kendrix and Karone or are there going to be 2 versions of the figures w/ 1 head in each??

    Like I could see them doing just 1 head in each because most of these cases, you’d get the alternate head from another figure.. like if you want a Kat head you’d eventually get it from the Zeo Pink figure.. but with people like Kendrix/Karone and Trini/Aisha who wouldn’t be in another figure.. ??? I’m just hoping for the easiest, most money saving solution and I hope they do it that way.

  4. I really want to see the full power rangers in space set. Mainly the silver ranger. These figures look awesome, can’t wait to start collecting!

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