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Hasbro Reveals Lightning Collection Helmets

Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection is expanding!

From action figures, and now: to helmets. In fall 2019, fans will be able to purchase full-scale helmets that are both adjustable, and wearable. And it starts with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger.

The Lightning Collection Helmet line will be full-scale helmets inspired by the show’s detailed design. With special paint and finish, the helmets can be both worn and displayed.

Fans who pick up the Lightning Collection Helmet will also get a special display stand that features the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show logo on the display’s base.

Each Lightning Collection Helmet will retail at $79.99, sold at all mass retailers.


(Adult/Approx. Retail Price: $79.99/Available: Late Fall 2019)

Go Go POWER RANGERS! Bring part of the POWER RANGERS legacy home with LIGHTNING COLLECTION figures, collectibles and roleplay items. This LIGHTNING COLLECTION MIGHTY MORPHIN WHITE RANGER PREMIUM COLLECTOR Helmet is inspired by Tommy Oliver’s iconic White Ranger Helmet from the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS series. The full-scale helmet features a show-inspired detailed design, paint and finish for morphinominal display in a POWER RANGERS collection. The helmet is a wonderful addition to any fan’s collection! It features adjustable straps so it will fit most, making it great to wear for POWER RANGERS cosplay, roleplay or costume. Available for pre-order on HasbroPulse.com and major online toy retailers including GameStop, Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth.

At this time, Hasbro has yet to announce what future helmets may join the line.

The Lightning Collection Helmet line will remind fans of Bandai’s Legacy Helmet line, when the company released full-scale wearable helmets for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red and Green Rangers.

The news was first announced at Hasbro’s Power Rangers Power Hour panel at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

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3 thoughts on “Hasbro Reveals Lightning Collection Helmets

  1. That is a well done helmet! Looks very good and its also not gigantic like previous Bandai versions. Hopefully it looks that good on release though. I want this!

  2. Come to think about it, I wear alot of black. If Hasbro puts out a MMPR Black helmet or any black ranger for that matter. I’ll buy it. Expect for Operation Overdrive Black. Yuck

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