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Hasbro Reveals New Power Rangers Logo

In 2018, the Power Rangers brand changed ownership from Haim Saban’s company, Saban Brands, to Hasbro, the toy giant manufacturer.

Nearly two years since the transition of the franchise’s master toy license to Hasbro, an all-new logo for the brand has been unveiled, as seen above.

The new logo officially goes into effect in 2020 and sports only one change: the removal of the name ‘SABAN’ atop the POWER RANGERS wording.

The move signifies the end of an era, as the franchise has long been officially titled “Saban’s Power Rangers”, including throughout its 2017 theatrical run under Lionsgate.

Since the acquisition, Hasbro has tapped into Haim Saban as a consultant to help steer the franchise’s direction. With the removal of his name from the logo, Haim’s continued involvement behind-the-scenes remains publicly unknown.

The newest logo can be seen on packaging for Hasbro’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 toys, expected to hit store shelves in the coming weeks.

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36 thoughts on “Hasbro Reveals New Power Rangers Logo

  1. Thank goodness for that. No more “Saban’s” title above “PR”. Now and in the future, this series and new upcoming seasons will just be called “Power Rangers Beast Morpher S2 (Season 2)”, “Power Rangers Starforce or Cosmic Prime”, “Power Rangers Dino Knight”, “Untitled PR’s 30th Pearl Anniversary Season”, and maybe more through 2028.

    Feel free to write good and greatful comments.

  2. I like power rangers beast morphers I can’t wait to see if there’s any cameos from pass rangers if possible if that’s in the storyline which I noticed that one of the guys Austin st. John is coming to the series in 2020 that’s cool I can’t wait to see if there’s more than just one of those power rangers from mighty morphin just like the sequence from previous series in the past can’t wait to see power rangers beast morphers season 2

  3. Maybe this new logo will be the signal for the bright future of the Power Rangers franchise that Hasbro needs to accomplish guys

  4. I love the old power Rangers and I still do but lately the newer ones have been not so good, I’ve rewatched the old ones as I do to revisit them u know and then watch some of the newer ones but there not so good…. Just my opinion but u know….

    1. You mean the old saban’s power rangers like saban’s mighty morphin power rangers that I rewatched the old ones.

      1. Willis James, what I’ve learned about the ZyuOhger, is that……..the cube zords, Arsenals, and even villains (especially based on the exact design of MINECHAFT craziness) won’t work out for the PR franchise (especially not for the PR’s 30th Pearl Anniversary. That’s all I can say to be honest.
        P.S. Tell the rest of the fans that please.

  5. Look, TOEI makes a brand new and good and even great 10th Anniversary Movie for next year calling it – Goseiger: 10 Years After – then it would be fun to see the return of the Heroic Gosei Angels, especially the Red & Pink Sky Moments and possibly new Gosei Angel enhance Modes.

    What do you think in your own words to be honest?

  6. I’m glad they got rid of “Saban’s” on the logo, and does ANYONE agree that we need more suprsing news like more returning Dino Rangers

  7. I’ve got something to say about the Kyuranger adaptation. If Hasbro chooses the kyuranger adaptation into PR Starforce or Cosmic Prime or something like that, then I would like to see Hasbro making PR Starforce or Cosmic Prime the respectful inspiration to the Guardians of the Galaxy style, especially with most of the songs from the 60’s and 70’s.

    What do you think? Does that sound cool or what?

    Please feel free to leave a comment.

    1. From Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to The Megaforce also finally to The New Season of Power Rangers Dino Knights!!

      1. Willis James, although Hasbro will still use the Kyuranger adaptation into PR Starforce or Cosmic Prime for 2021, I think Hasbro will adapt the new sentai season – Kirameiger – into the Untitled PR’s 29th season for 2022. Now that the new sentai season has a new car-racing theme (which we haven’t seen in a long time since Go-Onger aka RPM) along with the dazzling jewel theme, it will be a good idea for this.

        Because let me tell you about the complete new Trilogy of the car-racing motif.
        Firstly – Carranger (1996) aka PR Turbo (1997),
        Then – Go-Onger (2008) aka PR RPM (2009),
        And now – Kirameiger (2020) aka Untitled PR’s 29th Season (2022).

        What do you honestly think, Willis James?

    2. Actually, there’s something I need to be honest about.
      The moment people talk about the possible sequel to Dino Charge based on or off the RyuSoulger adaptation, well, I don’t think Hasbro shall adapt another dino-theme this time, because to be very honest, the Legendary Dino Rangers (Mighty Morphing, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge) that we’re all gonna see in Beast Morpher Season 2, are already completed as far as I notice and realise. It looks like the new plan for adapting RyuSoulger as another dino-theme, along with the Knight-theme, has been really cancelled. That means, the kyuranger adaptation will still be chosen by Hasbro as PR: Starforce or Cosmic Prime with another space-theme for 2021, and then the kiramager adaptation will be chosen by Hasbro again as the Untitled PR Radioactive Gamma Bio-Science (NOT magic), Jewel and Car Racing theme for 2022.

      What do you honestly think?

      1. What I mean to say, is that the RyuSoulger adaptation will now NOT happen for 2022, because the fans (including me) have seen enough of the dino-themes just as they have seen enough of the Ninja-themes.
        So without further a do, I think the Kirameiger adaptation as the new and 3rd car-racing-theme with the radioactive gamma jewel this time will be chosen for 2022.

        What do you think of that idea, to be honest?

  8. Hello.
    Remember I once said: “Now and in the future, this series and new upcoming seasons will just be called Power Rangers Beast Morpher S2 (Season 2), Power Rangers Starforce or Cosmic Prime, Power Rangers Dino Knight, Untitled PR’s 30th Pearl Anniversary Season, and maybe more through 2028.”?

    1. Well, I need to change that around.

      Now and in the future, this series and new upcoming seasons will just be called Power Rangers Beast Morpher S2 (Season 2), Power Rangers Dino Knight (the possible sequel to the Dino Charge series), Untitled 29th PR season, Power Rangers Megaforce S3 (Season 3; the 30th Pearl Anniversary), and possibly more through 2028.

      There, that oughtta do it.

  9. Hi Hasbro it’s Sebastian I was wondering if you adapted Kyuranger into American for power rangers for 2021.

  10. Hi Hasbro it’s Sebastian Torres I was hopping if you adapted kyuranger for power rangers in USA because I like it with a 5 true people with 7 humans on space animals zord s vehicle on space power balls.

  11. Listen everyone.

    Some superhero fans said something about the next sentai season for the 45th sapphire anniversary in 2021 like this:
    Ryusoulger- Kyoryuger 2

    Kiramager- Toqger 2

    Sentai 2021 – Ninninger 2

    1. But I am honestly asking TOEI company to actually make a new sentai season for the 45th sapphire anniversary in actual 2021 like this one:

      Sentai 2021 – Goseiger 2 (Sky Red, Sky Pink – the heartwarming true love interest of Sky Red, Land Black, Land Yellow – the hilarious or tough true love interest of Land Black, and Sea Blue. Plus, new auxiliary heroes such as Sun Copper Ranger, and Moon Iron Ranger).

      Please don’t dislike the idea.

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