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Hasbro To Reboot, Replace Power Rangers Movie Cast

After nearly two and a half years, fans waiting with baited breath for a sequel to Lionsgate’s 2017 Power Rangers movie can finally put a nail in the coffin.

The cast from the 2017 film will not be returning for any future installments in the Power Rangers film franchise.

The news was confirmed by Dacre Montgomery, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things who portrayed the movie’s Red Ranger. Montgomery confirmed in a Reddit AMA that Hasbro has elected not to bring back the cast of the 2017 film.

“I think there is a [Power Rangers] movie in the works but it’s not with me and the cast. So yes [another Power Rangers movie will take place], but not with us.” – Dacre Montgomery (Link to Reddit AMA)

Hasbro, the toy company who now owns the Power Rangers brand, is planning to reboot the film franchise with Paramount at a date yet to be determined. When they do so, it will be with a new cast, a new story, and a new premise.

Despite Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie pulling in positive word of mouth (as indicated by the film’s A score on CinemaScore), the film ultimately failed to impress critics or produce significant box office earnings, pulling in a measly $140 million at the global box office.

The movie’s failure would eventually lead Haim Saban, founder of the Power Rangers brand, to sell the franchise to Hasbro, a toy company who also owns properties including Transformers, G.I. Joe, and My Little Pony.

Hasbro will now work with Paramount to create a brand new Power Rangers film, the same company duo who created recent Transformers and G.I. Joe feature films.

Despite not returning for any sequels, the cast of Lionsgate’s movie has gone on to find renowned success with other brands since moving on from the Power Rangers franchise:

  • Naomi Scott, who portrayed Kimberly the Pink Ranger, is a rising star after her recent role as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin, and upcoming role as one of the titular Charlie’s Angels in Sony’s upcoming reboot.
  • Dacre Montgomery, who portrayed Jason the Red Ranger, has found success in a starring role in Netflix’s incredibly popular Stranger Things.
  • Becky G., who portrayed Trini the Yellow Ranger, continues to ascend billboard charts for her Latina music, partnering with artists including Pitbull and Bad Bunny.
  • Ludi Lin, who portrayed Zack the Black Ranger, was featured in Warner Bros.’ Aqauman and Netflix’s Black Mirror, and is rumored to be a front runner for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Shang-Chi.
  • RJ Cyler, who portrayed Billy the Blue Ranger, starred in MTV’s Scream and also landed a role on the CW’s Black Lightning.

Lionsgate had plans for future Power Rangers sequels to focus on the introduction of a sixth team member, Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger, as hinted in the 2017 movie’s post-credits scene. Other plans for the sequel were to introduce Lord Zedd, one of the brand’s most popular villains, as well as explore Rita Repulsa’s on-screen affinity for Goldar, as depicted by actress Elizabeth Banks in the 2017 installment.

Franchise owner Haim Saban and Lionsgate once expressed interest in doing up to six movies, citing that a six-movie story arc was already in place (click here to recap).

Those remaining five movies will never come to light, as word first surfaced in February 2019 that Hasbro would be taking the film franchise away from Lionsgate in favor of Paramount (click here for the full recap).

Ultimately, the move should not come as a surprise as Hasbro is primarily a toy company, with a mission to push toy sales. The 2017 Power Rangers movie failed to sell many toys, and the film’s unconventional designs turned some fans away from the outset. Hasbro will look to reverse that trend by rebooting the franchise with their own, more toy-friendly designs.

2017’s Saban’s Power Rangers movie follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world- is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.

Starring Becky G., Ludi Lin, Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Elizabeth Banks, and Bryan Cranston, Saban’s Power Rangers is available on home video now.

Fans can click here to order Saban’s Power Rangers movie – available now with tons of behind-the-scenes features on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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48 thoughts on “Hasbro To Reboot, Replace Power Rangers Movie Cast

    1. Hasbro just started and I think they are off to a great job. Just look at the Lightning collection, much better than Bandai’s Legacy collection. The direction they are going is definitely going to better than where Saban was heading.

    1. You’re obviously not watching the show at all. Hasbro is killing it with Beast Morphers. Best season we’ve had in 4 years. 4 YEARS BEYOTCH!!!!

  1. Guys. Hasbro think they can make a better power rangers movie then the 2017 power rangers movie. Of choice Hasbro like there own way and new plans. They alway make new things that the fans want it.

  2. I think the power rangers brand needs a major overhaul geared towards a mature audience with more adult themed stories and characters that are more believable than the previous installments I love super sentai which can be cheesy as well but definitely a more darker version compared to the American version.. also the mecha fx from toei back in the day was incredible no cgi crap that is used almost all the time now I would personally love to see a sentai zyuranger movie with all the original cast this would be something amazing to watch if done right

  3. GOD! DAMMIT! If there is one thing, ONE THING that could be the dumbest thing you could do in today’s film industry, it’s rebooting a series. Spider-Man, in the last 17 years has been “rebooted” twice, first by Marc Webb and then by the MCU. And I cannot even begin to tell how much I’ve had to explain to my parents who and what is someone’s different interpretation of the character. Which leads me to why I’m so frustrated, general audiences are not going to understand that these are not only somehow different “people” from the stories that came before, but also a different interpretation of who they are, their conflicts, and what this means to them.

    If this was really necessary, fine, I’ll get over it, but just do something original. I don’t wanna see another origin story of Mighty Morphin’ or anything that came from Super Sentai. MAKE SOMETHING YOURSELF.

    1. Calm down bi*ch. It ain’t the end of the freaking world. And I think this is great news. So tell Mommy you need a diaper change and then go to bed

      1. Coming from the one who thinks the childish dribble from the “worldwide phenomenon” of a show nowadays is frickin’ Shakespeare. You really have no right to speak to me like that when you act as much of a juvenile like you claim everybody else to be.

        1. I will not tolerate anyone insulting Power Rangers, Hasbro, and this mighty and beautiful franchise as a whole. Anyone who insults Power Rangers will face my wrath

            1. I could say the same thing about people who think Beast Morphers is a bad season and about people who think the 2017 movie was good. It was complete garbage. It was worse than Ninja Steel which was airing that same year. It took everything that made Power Rangers cool out of this complete disgrace of a movie and replaced it with teen drama trash.

              1. Well that’s just disrespectful. Not everyone thought the movie was trash. If it was to you, then that’s your opinion but dont come here insulting others because you feel some type of way.

                1. Alright I am done talking about this. I hate the 2017 movie and thats my opinion and if you don’t like it, too bad. Case closed. I’m out.

  4. I know many of the dudes down here are pretty fussy about the Power Rangers movie getting a reboot from Paramount. But I am one of those guys who agreed to this. If we make a mistake, we could learn to do better to avoiding it. As Dr. K said in Power Rangers RPM, “If we fail to learn from mistakes we pay twice”. The PR movie in 2017 was pretty much generic like all other movies, and it’s relevance may possibly dissolve from society as time passes. I want the Power Rangers movie treated like the Transformers movie franchise (without Michael Bay). Hasbro is a big company that can make anything great!

  5. Do you have sort of kinda “standard” to follow? Why stick to the very one type power rangers?
    We have lots of power rangers ya know…zeo, turbo, mega etc….

  6. I liked the cast and most of the movie, hated the costumes and that was a terrible version of Goldar. i am gutted that this cast wont get a change to play their roles as from the interviews i have watched of the group on youtube they were a good team and could of built something amazing within the franchise together.

  7. Love or hate this news. It was probably bound to happen. The movie didn’t do well as Lionsgate or Saban thought it would. Where Saban was saying: “We’ve got sequels in the works”. And I wanted a sequel to this movie, I really did. But it’s Hollywood And like they say:. if it flops, Reboot it and reboot it again.

  8. Isn’t Paramount responsible for the TMNT reboot and Transformers too? If Michael Bay gets his grubby hands on this I am not even going to bother.

  9. The reboot better be damned morphenomenal. I was all amped for female green ranger and lord zed. But it could be improved. I like how the old power rangers were already martial artists and friends with each other. And we all know billy is the gay ranger, even if lesbianism is more palatable for a conservative audience. They should’ve let billy out the closet for the movie.

  10. What they need to do is adapt the existing super Sentai film’s for the film series. Aiming at adults only is not a plan nor is attempting to reboot MMPR again. We are not the target demographic.

  11. Personally I think this is a mistake. I know the first film didn’t do well financially, but I actually really enjoyed the film. It had a great cast and the story was open enough for a sequel. A Green With Evil movie could have been really interesting in this universe.

    1. Personally I think this is fantastic. Lionsgate did a terrible job with PR. Hasbro will do a real PR movie and they’ll do it right. Just like in the 90s.

      How can you all defend a movie with no power rangers action until the very last half hour of the movie and 98% of the action was in those ugly as hell Dinozords

      1. It was an origin story. I didn’t have a problem getting to know them all before becoming Power Rangers. I liked that they had to overcome their doubts and fears to basically earn it. The cast, IMO, was great and I really felt for a lot of them. Zack’s sick mom really got to me and Billy’s admission that the loss of his father doesn’t hurt as much now that he has real friends was all great character development.

        The look of the costumes/Zords wasn’t the greatest, but I still enjoyed the action scenes. The costumes look alien because they are and if it were me I would evolve the suits in the next movie as they modify their equipment to better suit their needs in the modern world. I would also have them make modifications to the Zords as time goes on. My sequel would be a Green with Evil sequel and the current Megazord would basically get it’s ass handed to it by a Dragonzord, and so they upgrade it. In the end it would look more like the classic Megazord.

        They don’t really need to just reboot everything. It’s lazy.

  12. I hope the new movie is rated PG, not PG-13. Cause I had a problem with some of the language and I really had a problem with a lesbian yellow ranger. I don’t want my 2 kids exposed to that crap

    1. And there nothing wrong with some being gay or lesbian I loved that the yellow ranger was lesbian

  13. Siii!! espero mejoren los diseños originales respetando su concepto. Los de la pelicula del 2017 eran horribles. Muy abstractos. El goldar era una verguenza. Rita parecia una feminazi en pleno periodo. La historia muy lenta. El Megazord muy poco vendible, perdió la escencia de los Dinosaurios (que tanto gustan a los niños). Y las armas?? las armas para nada llamativas. Se olvidaron de la “belleza” de los diseños y apostaron por intentar hacerlos mas “complejos”… al pedo.
    Go Go Hasbro!! Danos los juguetes que tanto nos gustan respetando la escencia de la serie original!!

  14. The one thing that was not wrong with that movie was the cast. In my own opinion, I believe they should remake the power rangers for those who thought it was bad, but keep the cast because they were good actors I just found the story needed a little bit of “tying loose ends” and maybe added something for older viewers. The movie itself wasn’t the worst I found it cheesy at parts but doesn’t mean switch the characters…

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