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Helmetless White Ranger Figuart Revealed

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Unleash the power of the White Ranger!

For the first time ever, fans can own the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger as an SH Figuart – helmetless!

Complete with a Tommy Oliver head sculpted using Tamashii Nations’ 3D face printing technology, a Saba sword, a wearable helmet, and interchangeable pieces, this figure will be a must-own for any White Ranger fans.

The toy will also come included with different hand pieces that fans can use to swap out their weapons, and poses, of choice.

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The figure will sell for $65, releasing in November 2018.

Fans will be able to add the helmetless White Ranger Figuart to their collection with the same helmetless versions of the Red and Green Rangers releasing in July 2018 at San Diego Comic Con (recap here).

While fans worldwide will be able to order the White Ranger, the Red and Green Rangers are expected to be exclusive to San Diego Comic Con.

The helmetless Tommy Oliver head included with the Green Ranger will be different from the one included with the White Ranger,

There are currently no plans to release helmetless Figuarts for the remaining Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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