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Help Decide Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Charatcers!

nWay, developer of the upcoming Power Rangers: Legacy Wars video game, is looking for help from all Power Rangers fans! In order to help determine which characters to add to the mobile game, nWay is asking fans to:

•RANK their favorite Power Rangers VILLAINS!
•If every season/movie Ranger or villain fought, who would be the strongest & weakest characters?

Fans can leave feedback on any of the following:

On Facebook: click here.
On our forum: click here.
•In the comments below.

And check out more details on the exciting new Power Rangers game below, set to release this March!

In the game, Rita Repulsa, an evil space witch, will step into and corrupt the Morphin Grid. As she manipulates reality in an effort to implode the Grid from within, Rita will create virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed to fight on behalf of evil. That means the Power Rangers will fight other Power Rangers for the first time.

To beat Rita at her own game, Zordon will give players special powers and the ability to curate their own team of legendary Power Rangers and villains from the multiverse.

Which seasons of Power Rangers will be covered in the game?
At launch we will have a limited number of seasons, but we will eventually be releasing rangers and villains from all seasons.

Which characters will be available at launch?
At launch, the game will feature the Movie Rangers, Mighty Morphin Rangers, and some select fan favorites from the later seasons.

Will there be a story mode?
No, not at this time.

Will each character have unique attributes?
Yes, each Ranger and villain will have a unique set of abilities.

Will the game have any in-game purchases?
Yes. The player can either choose to spend on Morph Boxes, which are won through battle or purchase them directly in the store. It’s a free-to-play game.

What is the game’s play style?
The game’s main mode is online player vs player.

Are there plans for Windows Mobile?
No, not at this time.

What kind of stages will be available in the game?
No details now, but the stages will pull from both the Movie and TV show.



  1. -Diabolico from Lightspeed Rescue
    -Dino Charge Team
    -Octomus the Master from Mystical Force
    -Emperor Grumm from SPD
    -Robo Knight from Megaforce

    A few villains would be awesome 🙂

  2. The entire original Rangers Team including Green and White Rangers. The Gold Zeo Ranger ALL MUST be a part of this game.

  3. The Ninja Storm rangers!!
    (Navy & Crimson rangers to be exact)
    Time Force team & Ransik!!
    Super Megaforce team (I just like their costumes haha)
    Dino Thunder team & Zeltrax/Elsa

  4. Dino Thunder Rangers, Shadow Ranger (SPD), Quantum Ranger (Time Force), Jungle Fury Rangers… and villains: Daishi (Jungle Fury), Ransik (Time Force) and OF COURSE, LORD ZEDD

  5. Carlos, the In Space Ranger, is absolutely the weakest of all the Rangers I’ve seen. Dude was terrible.

    Ecliptor is definitely my #1 favorite villain.

  6. Red, Pink, Black, White, Lord Zedd, Ivan Ooze – Mighty Morphin

    Red, Silver, Psycho Red and Blue – In Space

    Red Lion, White Tiger, Silver Wolf – Wild Force

    Blue Wind, Navy and Crimson Thunder, Green Samurai, Lothor, Zurgane – Ninja Storm

    Yellow, Black, White, Mesogog and Zeltrax – Dino Thunder

    Red, Blue and Shadow – SPD

    Green and Yellow – Mystic Force

    Robo Knight – Megaforce

    Red and Silver – Super Megaforce

    Red, Blue and Gold – Ninja Steel

  7. All the ninja storm rangers if possible and the Dino thunder rangers as well. I noticed know ask for optionration overdrive rangers that was a cool series. If possible please add these rangers.

  8. We need some from Time Force and Lightspeed Rescue. It’s crazy that there isn’t a single character from those 2 now pretty old seasons! We need Wes, Jen, and Katie from Time force(hell, we really just need them all from TF) as far as Lightspeed Rescue, Vipra would be a badass addition and so would Diabolico.

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