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How Lionsgate’s DVDs Led To The Power Rangers Movie


Power Rangers is an incredibly diverse brand. It spans across a collection of platforms, and offers something for just about every kind of fan.

Many people have an interest in its long-running TV show, some have an interest in its successful line of comics, and others choose where to place their interest among the brand’s vast array of product offerings.

But almost everyone has an interest in Power Rangers’ newly launched film franchise from Lionsgate. Saban’s Power Rangers movie, which releases on Blu-ray and DVD June 27, has become the Power Rangers product to follow, for both lifelong and casual fans.

But what most fans don’t know? Is how that movie franchise came to be.

And the answer? It’s those TV show DVD’s. The volumes you see announced on your social media feed every other month that you probably just cast aside and ignore. The volumes that make most fans groan because they’re not packaged as box sets, or don’t include holiday episodes or acclaimed bonus features.

The truth is, most fans attribute Lionsgate’s involvement with Power Rangers to only the recent movie. But Lionsgate actually became involved with our teenagers with attitude back in 2012, when they inked a deal to become the exclusive home entertainment distributor for the Power Rangers TV seasons of 2011 to present.

And it was those DVD’s that eventually led to an action-packed movie captivating audiences across movie theater screens worldwide.

Erik Feig, Lionsgate’s motion picture group co-president, has always been blown away by the sales of Lionsgate’s Power Rangers DVD’s, and the fact that a franchise 24 years in the making could still have such a passionate fandom following.

“I was surprised to see just how robust the sales for the original series were while the current season was still available for free on TV. After 24 years of being on the air without interruption, it’s still in the top three of kids entertainment around the world.” – Erik Feig, Lionsgate’s Co-President in an interview with Deadline

When Lionsgate began distributing DVD’s for Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce in 2012 and 2013 respectively, Feig brought some of those DVD’s home to his son, where he was struck by his son’s reaction. Feig’s son didn’t just find the Power Rangers to be cool, but he was drawn by the idea of a band of teenage superheroes who could also be friends.

That reaction led Feig to envision what a re-imagined Power Rangers could look like, with a tone that was distinctive from current superhero movies, but also stayed true to Power Rangers’ unique roots that have made it a successful brand for almost 25 years.

Which led Feig to call up a man named Haim Saban, the founder of Power Rangers. Where he and Lionsgate pitched to Haim their vision for what Power Rangers could look like on the big screen, and what would eventually become Saban’s Power Rangers movie.

Fast forward to present day, where fans anxiously await news on a potential sequel to the beloved origin film. They can thank Lionsgate’s TV show DVD’s for that. And maybe Erik Feig’s son for his warm reaction to the TV seasons too.

But no matter if Lionsgate green lights a second feature film, the Power Rangers aren’t going anywhere just yet. They will continue to be a major player on Nickelodeon, and in pop culture’s product space for at least the immediate future.

So next time you see an announcement for that next Power Rangers DVD, or square pillow, or $1,000 life-sized bust – be appreciative. You don’t have to get overly hyped for it, or groan about it, or even buy it (but it’d be great if you did) – just be thankful.

Because you never know what it may lead to down the road.

7 thoughts on “How Lionsgate’s DVDs Led To The Power Rangers Movie

  1. As much as I didn’t like Samurai and Megaforce, it’s really good to know that there’s people who enjoy those series enough to buy them on DVD and support the Power Rangers franchise.

  2. This was a fantastic article. I hope people see just because a product doesn’t interest you, it doesn’t mean other people aren’t excited for it. We all have different interests. I can’t wait for more fantastic Power Rangers things to come.

    1. How amazing are those Power Rangers DVDs from Lionsgate!! Go Go Power Rangers!!!! #PowerRangersForever!!!😄😍😄😍😄😍

    2. 😲 How amazing are those Power Rangers DVDs from Lionsgate!! Go Go Power Rangers!!!! #PowerRangersForever!!!😄😍😄😍😄😍 #LionsgateRocks!!

  3. I grew up with the first six seasons from “Day of The Dumpster” to “Countdown to Destruction” which coincidentally is the first and last episodes of the “Zordon era”! Afterwards however I had eventually forgotten about the show’s existence for an entire 14 years before I came across the first season dvd on Amazon where my passion for the series was reignited and throughout all the available dvd’s I was able to catch up with seasons 7-22 in the following few years since and now currently waiting impatiently for Power Rangers Super Dino Charge and the 2017 movie that is going to be released on the exact same day next month! The dvd’s helped bring Power Rangers back in my life and will never leave my side again! Why? Because “It’s Morphin Time”!

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